-1Corruption of Blood

There is a lingering stench in the air. These are the fumes of a previous society's crimes. This is the stench of the indulgences of our fathers. It took generations to teach our species the meaning of the word "stink". It took more time than one could reasonably imagine, for us to understand the simple concepts of balance taught to peoples centuries older than ours, peoples significantly less "developed". We are finally over that hump, but we are still suffering the stench. Regardless of our progress, we are doomed to suffer their stench. Our only hope must be found in the prospect that our children will not have to suffer the stench that we suffer, as we intend to make sure that they suffer no further stench of our own design. In the mean time though, we suffer their stench. We suffer for their lack of forethought. We suffer for their selfishness. Most of all, we suffer for their willful ignorance. And most disconcerting, we suffer indefinitely.