I'm new to the site and this is my first story, so please be nice. I came up with this in the middle of english, so yeah it's a little weird.

My mouth was dry and my heart beat so hard I thought it would burst from my chest, but I kept running, I was a fraid of Him. He was after me.

Images flashed through my mind. White hair, porcline skin so pale, and those demonic crimson eyes. Long fangs bared, clawed skeletal hands ripping through papa's flesh. Tears were streaming from my eyes and mingled with the blood and dirt on my face.

I heard another scream a few minutes ago, but none of the pained, death screams were of women, they were all male. I didn't stop to ask why.

I took a left turn and darted into an abandoned building. I should be safe in here... for a while at least, I could catch my breath. I sat down, huddled beneath the clouded window. "Papa... I'm so sorry." I muttered, newly formed tears fell from my eyes and hit the floor. I held my legs close to my body and cried silently to myself.

Then I heard someone outside the window, I held my breath, hoping to god that it wasn't him. Then a fraction of a second later the window was shattered. I let out a muffled scream.

I lifted my head, and saw two black boot on the window frame. I lifted my head further, and saw him looking around, I heard him smelling the air, his forked tounge tasting the air. I could hear the faint sound of his breathing, and his forked tounge everytime it flicked.

"Please don't find me! Please don't find me!" I mentally pleaded.

His head jerked down, as though he'd somehow heard me. He stared straight into my silver eyes, but he didn't attack me. He stayed there crouching on the broken window frame, while I lay on the floor, shaking like a leaf. I saw no emotion on his face or in his haunting eyes. Just a cold calculating look.

He didn't blink, there was little indication he was still alive. Except for the small, almost nonexsistant sound of his breathing, and the occational flick of his tounge.

His magestic, demonic wings occasionly twitched and streched in the small breeze. Those inky black dragon wings were, about eighteen feet in lenght. The were strangely beautiful.

We remained like this for what seemed like an eternity. But with one final flick of his tounge, he took off, with steady, yet powerful beats of his wings. He was off to hunt, to hunt for the flesh of men.

I got to my feet, and move towards the window. I looked outto the starry night, died red from the flames of a forest fire to the south.

"Ozzy!" I heard my best friend Gabriel call.

"Ozzy! Where are you!?" My other friend Gibril yelled.

"You two! I'm in here!" I called from the window and waved like a mad man. They spotted me and ran towards me. If you didn't know the two you'd swear they were identical twins. Both had black hair, both had blue eyes, same build, near same fasion sense.

But Gibril was slightly taller, than Gabriel. And Gibril's eyes were a paler shade of blue. Gabriel was to be the next deity of light, a privilage bestoed to a direct desendant of Anukmanet, lord of the northern country.

A deity could channel the most powerful magic from the element they reprisented. Angels of Cygnius very rarely delt with the problems of the shadows of the southern country of Corvus. But this was a rouge demon, he attacked in a time of peace.

This demon was diffrent, his aura was solid black, no light passed through it, this ment he was pure evil. No light resided in his heart, giving he had one. I looked into his haunting, demonic, crimson eyes and saw nothing. I felt as though he could read my soul, as well as my mind.

His eyes showed, no sigh he felt anything, no emotion, no pain. Then out of the stillness, a blinding light erupted in the center of town. A towering pillar of light formed, and as eye peircing scream echoed down the streets. Windows shattered, glass imploded, the three of us covered our ears in a vain attempt to block out the sound.

Then we saw a little black dot in the middle of the pillar of light. The elders were trying to get rid of the albino demon, by using the most powerful magic known to the normal Angel. The demon stood no chance against that magic.

But as we watched, the light begain to flicker and surge before completely blowing, like a light bulb. Why? How? Why did it vanish? How did it lose?

In the silence of the corpse ridden street, echoing out of the night, came laughter. Not the laughter you get when someone cracks a joke, but more the laughter you get when something up tops not connected right, if plugged in at all.

Then relisation hit. This was it... the end of our race. Death was brought by a single demon. The end was here... the end of the angels.

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