"You mean it!!!! I really got the solo? Oh my god!!" cried Sophie Layette as she clutched the bundle of music sheets to her chest. Her short blonde bob bounced around her pretty oval face as her brown eyes were lit up with excitement.

She finally calmed down and let the excitement wave away and she looked to the music teacher and said sweetly "Merci beaucoup Madame Aramande."

The music teacher nodded and Sohpie left clutching her music folder and her bag. Slowly Madame Armande stood up and sighed in frustration as her eyes closed and she rubbed a soothing finger across her temple.

She heard a soft noise, like a gentle whisper and smiled to herself as she said "You would have gotten the solo had you shown up Madamoiselle Quinn, you know you are far better than Madamoiselle Sophie."

She turned around to face her newest and most quiet pupil.

Quinn was now clutching her music folder against her chest as she nodded silently. Madame Armande stepped forward and said gently " Why didn't you show up today Quinn?"

Sighing Quinn finally spoke in her soft voice "Because.. I am not sure I am good enough for such a solo..Sohpie sings like an..."

"No," Madame Armande interrupted, "YOU sing like an angel, my dear, and Sophie sings like a mere mortal compared to you."

Quinn's pale cheeks blushed a deep crimson as she whispered "I am sorry again Madame Armande.." she then hurried away through the large doors that led from the classroom. Madame Armande sighed and turned back to gather her things and leave the school.

Quinn Brunswick was a new student at the performing arts school in Paris known as the Acadmie Avance des Arts de Paris, or the advanced academy of the arts of Paris. It was one of the best musical arts schools in the world and Quinn was the first student from America to ever be chosen to attend.

The very rigid and competitive atmosphere of the school was enough to cause any average singer or instrumentalist to cry, but to Quinn it was a place to explore opportunities in the field of music. She loved to sing and had been singing from a young age.

However, one drawback was that she way quite introverted and quiet, which was due to past experiences. She was a very lovely girl to the eye, with her shoulder length black hair and her piercing green eyes. Her skin was very pale but that was because no matter how much time she spent in the sun it just would not tan, it was the Irish in her, her mother would always say.

Quinn smiled inwardly at the thought of her mother as she walked along the campus of the academy towards her dormitory. She began to softly sing to herself to comfort herself, because she hated walking alone.

However, in the one month since she had been attending this school, she had made no friends. It is very difficult to make friends when you are in such a competitive environment, not to mention that you are very humble when it comes to your talents and everyone else is very jealous. Sighing she made her way into her dormitory to sleep and let this day pass her by.

Quinn was standing on the stage of the Paris Opera house. She was dressed in a beautiful gown and was singing a solo as she was accompanied by piano.

She was full of confidence and did not hold back on her voice at all. The entire opera house was full of smiling face as they enjoyed her singing. However there was one pair of eyes that managed to catch Quinn's attention. They were eyes that were piercing silver, almost like gazing into two silver pools of light.

She was drawn to them and looked directly at them as she sang. She could not see the face of this person, but was just drawn in by their eyes.

Finally her solo ended and she bowed deeply to the cheering audience. Roses were thrown onto the stage and Quinn stood up and smiled as the crowd cheered for her.

Suddenly a white lily was thrown onto the stage amongst the mass of red roses and it had a single silver ribbon tied around it. Her eyes widened and she bent down to touch it when suddenly a hand grabbed her forearm and dragged her towards them. She shrieked and then all she knew was darkness.

Quinn sat straight up in her bed as she gasped and her heart raced a mile a second against her chest. She pushed the hair from her sweaty face as she realized she had awoken from this dream… no nightmare in a cold sweat.

She looked around her dorm room and sighed softly to calm herself down as she took in her familiar surroundings. Her room mate was asleep at the other end of the room and the window was cracked partially open and the sky was still ink black outside with a few stars shining and no moon was visible. The cool breeze blew in and felt good to her hot face.

She looked over to her left and saw her familiar poster of her favorite movie, Phantom of the Opera. She shook her head at how ironic her dream was compared to that movie. She laughed softly to herself and thought to herself "It must have been some strange fantasy type dream.. because I love that movie so much and wish that kind of thing would happen to me."

However when she looked back over at the partially opened window, there laying on the windowsill was a white lily with a silver ribbon tied around it. Her green eyes widened as she slid from under her sheets and tiptoed across the wooden floors to the window.

With a trembling hand she picked up the flower and gasped to find a piece of paper underneath it. It was hard to read it in the darkness but she managed to finally see what it said as she squinched her eyes trying to see what was written.

Written on the piece of parchment in a scripture style of writing was written three words bientt mon ange. Quinn had to pause for a second to realize what this said. She was slightly fluent in French and then she realized what it said... it meant "Soon my angel..."

She gasped and dropped the note and backed away from the window as the white lily fell to the floor.