1I wonder if there is a word for

being scared of goodbye.

That empty lonely feeling

of looking back to all the people that I new.

Leaving them, it broke my heart.

I wanted time to stay frozen like that


Parting, abandoning

is the most painful


When all that you have known

dissolves into the world.

A long time ago

It never occurred to me,

what would happen when all of this was over.

When the sand ran out

could we turn the hourglass over?

That sand didn't last

and the hands on the clock

spun two quickly.

The world spun two quickly,

making the sun go down.

Once upon a time I asked my self

What was the point to the sunrise

if the sun would only set again.

That feeling of loneliness

can I overcome it?

It is ruining me.

I can't destroy it,

I can only forget about it,

Because photographs and letters fade and

memories do too.

The only way to let these feelings survive

is to remake them again and again.

With each step.

There is a word for being scared of goodbye:

fear, happiness, bliss