The crowd whispers a sad disgrace.
The people stare at you, wondering who the heck you are.
The stage peers out from the quiet abyss.
Your mind set on anger, it tells you one thing.

It's your last chance to SCREAM.

The laughter rings throughout the theatre.
They mock you with their sad attempts to understand.
To think, they think they know how you feel…
They know nothing.

Nothing but your perpetual SCREAM.

Some turn away in shame, in fear.
Sometimes even you feel your own fury.
It scares them. It scares you.
The power in your voice resounds into every corner.

Nothing can stop your SCREAM.

Finally, the moment is over.
You grab my outstretched hand,
Your shaking hands are safe with me.
I smile at the sound you made only seconds before.
I know.

I've felt that over-whelming urge,
The chaos emerging from a confused mind.
I know that I know next to nothing.
I'm reminded of the stress, the hurt, the pain…

Those moments where I've wanted to SCREAM.

Sometimes letting it all out is all we can do.
To cope,
To breathe again, to live.
To be able to pick up the broken pieces and rebuild.

Sometimes, I need to SCREAM.

The earth is always spinning.
Changing with the wind, the sun, the water.
It changes my world.
It shakes me and serves me straight up, no additives.

And sometimes I can do nothing but SCREAM.

All good things come to an end.
All bad things come to an end.
Pick up the microphone again.
This is your last chance.

Your last chance to Sing.