I glance into the icy pool and see myself reflected
Two piercing eyes, so old and wise, that have always been respected.
Yet in my skin two planets spin on orbit in my ribcage
Each one, each part, is art: a heart that won't let me disengage.
A heart of glass, not made to last, collides against my lungs while
Its double, made of flesh delays the pain until it's wrung out.

I can't love you (I am not practical)
Because I love her…

My glassed insides, my glass-filled eyes, they scream our separation.
All I desired, in time bemired, confounded by creation.
I'll see her there, I sang a prayer, and then come to my senses.
Caught in a dream of glassy sheen I don't know what the tense is!
Flesh-heart is sweet; it calls to me and aids me when it's needed,
And all it asks to be paid back is that I never leave it.

Though she's not strong enough to break my glass heart,
I will help her

I'll give my chest, the heart that's best, into her competence,
Banish the glass into the past, obscurity's prominence.
To be with her, to breathe with her, was luxury unearned, and
As she expanded up from sand our future was determined.
I leave her far beyond the stars and turn to someone better,
But glass shards are in my flesh heart: I never will forget her.

One heart for daily, one for best-
They both are pounding in my chest.
I can't erase that soft caress.
I never will forget her.
The other's smiling up at me.
I laugh, but I am not happy.
She cannot see what I can see.
I never will forget her.
The pain I caused, the one I lost,
The barrier I could not cross
Is covered by a sheet of gloss.
I never will forget her.
Beside the love that's not my first
I travel through the universe
And play the part that I've rehearsed
And then grow old and die.

…A heart of glass, not made to last, but still I searched for better.
And I never will forget her.