this feeling is new, i've never felt it before
it's a tingle in my skin, or a chill down my spine
it's you giving my kisses on my forehead
because it can't be called cheating.

there's something about me that makes you want to kiss me
and there's something about you that just flat out makes me moan
it's a fleeting touch across my legs
that makes me flinch in ecstasy.

and you're the one girl in the world who knows
that i like to be close to be people
and if i can't touch you, you're too far away
and i hate that.

because even though you're the one girl in the world
and there's this… there's this desire between us
all it does is eat us up from the inside out
because we can't act on it.

because you have a girlfriend, who you love
and i won't let you do that to her.
and even if i think there's desire and ecstasy
who's to say that you do too?