Thoughts from a Random Teenager...

Chapter 1: Love and Life

Love transcends all. Does it really? While reading "Man Search for Meaning" by Viktor E. Frankl, I find myself wondering really does Love saves everyone. Is that what life really truly is about?

Of course, as a poet, I often find myself writing about love. Very cliché, I know. But what is it about love, which just captures the imagination of people.

I guess for Viktor E. Frankl case, seeing how he survived the Holocaust, by remembering his wife, and talking to his wife in his mind, he was able to cling on his life, and to survive the harshest thing that humanity could have ever done.

Of course, seeing how my lifetime has been relatively short, I don't know all the wisdom that can be possibly found in life.

Although, seeing how I often try and find what other poets also try and capture, about love. I know that love is both painful and healing at the same time. That love is truly blind and can see everything at the same time. That love is beautiful and yet dangerous. That love is just is. That love is dependent on life itself.

But without anything to cling onto, then how does one live. In order to live, love needs to exist. Without love, there's nothing possible in this lifetime. I'll come back to this idea, I know I will revisit this subject, because after all I am seeking the meaning of love and life.