Run Like Hell

The alarm clock screamed in her ear and with a groan, her hand slammed heavily down onto it and her mother's voice broke through the thin wall. "Selene! Get out here this instant! I know you're awake! I know that you hid it! Where is it?"

Suppressing strings of profanity, Selene rolled off the air mattress and onto the floor. Once on her feet, she glanced in a broken and poked at a bruise that lit up her cheek. Rolling her eyes, she muttered something about not being quick enough to dodge, grabbed a tank top, army pants, and headed into the hallway of a place she did not call her home.

Seconds in the hall she met her screaming mother. It was very clear that the woman was not healthy. She looked as if she had been dead for years, though she was only 49. "Where did you hide it?" The woman demanded of her daughter. "I've looked all over the house and it is no where to be seen. Did you take it? Did you use it all?" Her voice was broken and cracked. Part of Selene longed for the voice that long ago soothed her. The rest of her remembered that her mother was gone.

Selene looked at the lady, emerald eyes blazing with anger and something close to hate. Her rusty red hair, she made sure, hid her bruise from sight. The girl's lip curled and her eyes flashed. "You know." She hissed, her voice smooth and dripping with dislike for the creature before her. "Just because dad cheated you for your male drug dealer, does not mean I will do the same. You finished it all last night. Go get more if you need to. I'm leaving." Without another word she stepped around her mother's withering form.

The woman looked at Selene as she walked away and something seemed to click behind the woman's eyes and she smiled. "Have fun at school Selene." Selene just rolled her eyes and walked out into the July Morning.

The eighteen year old wondered down the street her hands in her baggy pockets and an almost arrogant look on her face. Until she was tackled from the back and pinned to the ground, face down and hands behind her. "You're gonna get it now little girl." A voice whispered in her ear. Her struggling stopped and Laughter came from her. In not even a minute she got herself free and pinned her attacker to the ground.

"Taisto." She cooed, her voice gentile, her eyes still dangerous. "You shouldn't sneak up on me like that." She pulled a blade out from her pocket and ran the flat of the blade against his cheek. "You never know if I know it is you or if I have something bigger than a knife on me."

The boy laughed and threw his dark hair back so he could see clearly through his brown eyes. "Yeah, but I don't think anyone other than someone of our gang would be seen around here, let alone within distance of you. So I figure I'm safe. Would you get off of me?" Waiting for no answer, he shoved her off, got onto his feet, brushed himself off, and smiling down at her. "How was she this morning?"

Selene snickered. "Better than normal. She thought I was going to school today. It hasn't sunk into her messed up mind that I dropped out awhile ago, or that it is summer." She sighed and glanced at him as the walked down her rundown street. "What made it so you had to tackle me?"

Taisto grinned and dug into his pockets before pulling out a battered army hat and two thick, studded wrist bands. Without a word to Selene, he put the hat on her head and gently snapped the bands around both her wrists before kissing a hand. "I know how you love playing the tough girl and looking the part. I found the hat and the arm bands I was able to buy."

With a smile that was only four Taisto, Selene ruffled his hair in thanks, she had to stand on her toes to do so. Taisto was her favorite of her gang and the only one she truly called a friend. The rest were simply allies she had found and took pity on. Taisto was different. He found her when her parents found the old storehouse that they began to call a home and showed her the ropes of the street, even though he lived in a better place. It seemed to her that ever since things went wrong with her life, she could always count on him to make her smile.

She was about to say something when sirens sounded three blocks over. Both of their attentions snapped to that and Selene let out a snarl of outrage. She led the biggest 'gang' of people, and she made sure that if they got into a fight, they would never throw the first punch. They did nothing truly illegal. The groups was really a bunch of people who blood promised to be there and not turn away should another of the group be in trouble. For none of them had a real family. Though her rules were strict, there were still a few who thought they could get past her. Each time the sirens sounded, she always assumed one of 'hers' got in deep. There were few times when it was true.

Without any hesitation, the pair bolted down the blocks. Selene to see who had gotten nailed and Taiso to back her up. Halfway down the block a girl by the nickname of 'Kitty' bolted around a corner and ran straight into Selene. "Kit, who are they looking for?" The girl demanded with a snarl.

Kitty grabbed Selene arms and looked up fearfully. "Selene!" She whimpered, breathlessly. "It isn't true, it can't be true. We tried to tell them but they didn't listen, it is a new officer. They don't understand!"

Impatient, Selene grabbed Kitty's shirt and hauled her off the ground. "Tell me Katrina." She growled. "Who are they after?"

Whimpering, Kitty turned away from her leader and whispered just loud enough for her to hear. "You."

Selene's face went pale and she was lost to the world around her. It was not until her friends grabbed her and dragged her away did she notice they had been found by the cops. It took a moment longer for her to actually register that she should run.

"Why are they out for me?" She demanded from Kitty.

"I don't know. They said something about you stealing. But everything you got was given to you by people."

They all fell silent and ran, using as many back way and jumping as many fences as possible, trying to loose the cops and sirens. They knew the streets better than anyone and took advantage of every trick. But even they could not out match the five police cars, mounted officers, and guys on the ground. Selene snarled and pulled the other two behind her when she realized they were surrounded and pulled out her blade, ready to fend them off. Meanwhile, Kitty was busy with something in her pocket.

"Selene." An officer said, "You are under arrest for stealing money from your mother."

She blinked and looked at him through screaming eyes. "I did not! Shewants to be rid of me."

The police did not believe her. "You are going to be arrested."

Selene snarled again and dived forward with her blade, bluffing to try to escape. Panicked, the cops shot blindly. The ally filled with gunshots. A scream rose into the air followed by many battle cries. In seconds, the ally was filled with dozens of people, all of them wearing some form of camouflage clothing or black and all of them loyal members of Selene's group. Over powered, the cops had no idea of what was going on until the gang disbanded, only one body was in the street, and all trace of Selene was gone.

Three blocks down the street, Selene and a few others hid out in an abandoned storage basement. All of them breathing heavily and waiting for the rest of the group to show up.

The door opened and a boy named Mike raced down the stairs. "Selene." His voice was rushed. "We need to get you out of here now. They aren't going to stop looking for you."

"Ok." She answered, still dazed. "Where should I go? Where is Taisto?"

"Out of town, out of state, anywhere. We need to go."

"No!" She snapped. "Where is he?!" Her eyes snapped to kitty as she tripped down the stairs. "Tell me." She begged.

Kitty refused to look at her. "He got shot." She whispered. "The cops aimed at you and missed."

Selene's whole body went numb and they all started to tug on her. "Come on Selene. We need to get you out of here now."