The Farmer's Grandson: Part Two

If you were to ask Malikar when exactly he had not only grown accustomed to Rooke's presence, but also craved it, he would not be able to tell you. It was a gradual thing. He came to expect the delicious breakfasts in the morning, and he learned to take a break, now that he had the help of an able-bodied young person, like himself.

The difference between living with his grandfather and living with Rooke was soon apparent to Malikar. While the old man was stoic, quiet, and flung out random bits of advice, Rooke was boisterous, warm and added life to the farm.

Malikar was not sure why, but he enjoyed the time that he spent with the wanderer. He made up reasons to hang around Rooke, even if there was work elsewhere. His favorite time was at night, when Rooke would cook a large pot of stew, and they would sit at the table, and the blond youth would describe his many journeys to Malikar.

"Left home when I was ten," Rooke said, between mouthfuls of the scrumptious meal, "found work as a cabin boy, that job took me everywhere, every country."

Malikar was mesmerized, "Why'd you quite?" He was jealous of Rooke's worldliness, it made him feel like he didn't know anything.

Rooke smiled at Malikar, and reached out to ruffle the young farmer's hair, "Cause the boat went and sunk it self, threw the whole crew outa a job…and once I got my feet back on the land, I realized I preferred it."

Malikar would watch Rooke whenever he could. He made sure the taller boy wasn't looking, but the blond had caught Malikar several times. Every time he did, Rooke would simply smile, shake his head, and say something like, "What? Do I have something on my face?"

Malikar would blush and look away, without saying anything. He loved working until the evening sun dipped below the horizon, and he was pleased that Rooke never shirked his responsibilities, and the two teens worked quietly and happily alongside each other every day.

Finally, Malikar decided it was time to tell Lord Byron Herren that his Grandfather had passed away, however the farmer was able to find a cheap farmhand.

He left early in the morning, even before Rooke had awoken. Walking stiffly up the road to the manner, Malikar thought about what he would say to Herren, wondered if he would be able to convince the Province Lord to let him keep the farm.

When he reached the Manor, Malikar saw that the Lady Herren was sitting on the porch, rocking slowly back and forth on an old wooden chair.

"Good Morn, Lady." Malikar said, bowing his head.

"Malikar." she replied in greeting.

Lady Herren's maiden name was Emila Ferring. She was 18, only a year older than Malikar. When her father had told Emila that she would be marrying the Lord Herren from the Herren Province, she was ecstatic. Lord Herren had been the most sought after suitor at all of the balls. He was charming in an aloof way, and very rich. The most alluring thing about him however, was that he never went after a single girl, and when a young lady was so bold to ask him for a dance, he would decline.

When their engagement was announced, Emila had become the talk of the town. She was already popular, and very beautiful, but the news that the cold Lord Herren had chosen her, and so unexpectedly, shot her into high-class stardom.

This was all in the past however. Emila had quickly learned what her fate would be. Living in the Province Manor, away from polite society and the city was distasteful to her to say the least, and the Lord quickly showed his true colors.

There was nothing charming about Herren. He was spiteful, mean and cold. Emila was at first surprised, and hurt, sure that it was her fault. However she soon noticed how Herren seemed repulsed by her touch, and it did not escape Emila how Herren's eyes would follow the young Malikar's movements doggedly, whenever the young man was in sight.

She only brought this detail up once, when she learned that she was pregnant. Emila had a sudden panic attack when it occurred to her that she would be bringing a child into an emotionless and cold world. In her unhappiness with her life, she picked a fight with Herren, and when the moment arose, she screamed at him that she knew, she knew that he wanted the dirty, lowly farmhand in his bed, not her.

When she let loose those words, Herren didn't even flinch. His eyes narrowed, and without warning, he slapped her directly on the cheek, the force of which knocked her to the floor.

"If I ever here you say anything like that again," he seethed, "I will simply cut you off from all of your friends, all of your family."

After the 'incident', the couple had found it convenient to sleep in separate rooms, and Emila was ultimately happier to spend most of her days in the city.

However, Herren had found it pertinent that she stay at the manor near the end of her pregnancy, just in case she said anything dangerous in an emotional state during birth.

Emila was so far into her illusions, that she no longer blamed Herren for anything, but instead directed her anger at Malikar, being as cold as possible whenever he came around.

"I was wondering if the Lord was here?" Malikar asked the young woman quietly, not looking directly into her eyes.

"He is." she said curtly, not offering to call him.

Malikar stood waiting for a moment, unsure of what to say. "I have some news about the farm that I must tell him." he said.

She smiled coldly at him, "You may tell me Malikar, I will pass on the message."

Malikar sighed, and said, "My Grandfather has passed away…"

Emila's smile faltered for a moment, "Oh…I am sorry Malikar."

"It's fine," the young man replied, "but I came to tell Lord Herren that it was ok, because I have found a farmhand."

"I will tell him." Emila said.

Malikar nodded, and turned back down the road, headed towards his farm. Emila watched as he left. She felt only a little sympathetic towards Malikar, but she knew that Herren would never take the farm away from Malikar, would never do anything that would force him to leave. She got up slowly, conscious of her over-extended belly, and went inside to find her husband.


Rooke had awoken to find Malikar gone from the cabin. He stood beside his bed for a moment, feeling slightly put out that the young farmer had not left a note, or stayed to have breakfast. When he had asked Malikar if he could stay at the farm, Rooke had only planned to stay for the winter months, and then move when it was warm enough.

This plan was slowly starting to fade however, as he realized that he was quite happy to spend his days working on the farm, and his evenings sitting by the fire with Malikar.

He turned his head when he heard the door open, to see Malikar walk through.

"Hey." the young man mumbled, sitting down at the table.

Rooke's eyes furrowed curiously, "What's wrong?" he asked, sitting on a chair opposite from Malikar.

"I went to go to tell Lord Herren that my grandfather passed away, but his wife was there, so I didn't get to speak with him." Malikar replied.

Rooke felt a slight stir in the pit of his stomach, and wondered if it was jealousy, "You kinda sound disappointed." he said.

Malikar looked up curiously, "What?" he asked, confused.

"Nothing." Rooke said, shaking his head slowly, "Shall we go work?"


As they were walking out to the fields, Rooke kept looking over at Malikar. He thought about the jealousy that he felt in the cabin, and wondered what his true feelings for the boy were. He knew that he didn't want to leave…and he knew that it wasn't the sheep that made him want to stay.

"Malikar?" he said suddenly, looking at the boy. He didn't respond, so Rooke gently grabbed his arm to make him stop walking.

"Malikar." he repeated.

"…yes?" Malikar replied, turning so that he was facing Rooke, looking into the taller boy's blue eyes curiously.

"Have you…have you ever loved anyone?" Rooke asked. He was unsure of how he should speak to Malikar. He didn't know how to tell the farmer that he loved him.

Malikar gulped, and his heart thudded loudly, as he saw the intensity in Rooke's eyes.

"I've haven't met many people, none that I would love anyway." he said softly.

Rooke smiled, and tightened his grip on Malikar's arm, but not enough that it would hurt.

"Even now?" he asked, slowly pulling the boy closer to him. His smile grew wider, and felt happiness flood his body when Malikar did not resist.

He brought his hand up to Malikar's chin, and tilted the boy's face up, looking intently into the farmer's eyes.

"I don't know about you," he said, "but I've met a lot of people, none that I would ever love…until now."

Malikar smiled his brief and flitting smile that always made Rooke's heart beat faster, and he brought his lips down to kiss Malikar's warm and inviting mouth.

They stood there, moving closer to each other as they kissed, the grass whispering around them. Rooke drew Malikar into a bear hug, as the young farmer's hands scrunched up the coarse material of Rooke's shirt against the taller boy's chest.

Malikar felt a happiness that was foreign to him, an emotion that he hoped would never leave him.

Little to the two teenager's knowledge, they were not alone in the cold morning air. Lord Herren had been on his way to the cabin, just after he had a brief fight with Emila for sending Malikar away.

He stopped short when he saw them kissing, his cold heart thawing with a burning anger. He started to head towards them, but stopped again, when realized that he had nothing that he could say. He wanted to be the first one to touch Malikar's luscious lips, and now that wasn't meant to be. He had to make sure that he was the first to go any further, he had to make sure that the farmer would be his.

He quickly headed back up the road to the Manor, and felt a slight trace of disgust when he saw his useless wife sitting on the porch again.

"Where have you been?" she asked spitefully, eyes narrowing.

He shot her a 'shut up' look, and stomped up the stairs to the porch. "Emila, I have decided that it would be safer to have your baby in the city, you will leave tonight."

Her mouth hung agape, and then she stood up suddenly, forgetting for a moment her pregnancy, "What?!" she exclaimed, "I just got back! You just made me come back! Do you know how dangerous it is for me to travel now?" Her voice reached a high-pitched, panicked screech.

Herren grimaced in distaste, "Yes, well, not as dangerous as having a baby in the middle of nowhere, our doctor in the city is better apt."

Emila started to cry, "Will you come with me?" she asked, her voice trembling.

Lord Herren snorted, "Of course not, why would I do that? I have to run things here."

Emila thought she was going to have a nervous break down, and all she wanted was to be in her mother's arms. Her mother had tried to convince her father not to let her marry Herren, but she and her father ignored the woman's desperate pleas for her daughter.

Why did Emila disregard her mother so? She could not remember why.

Lord Herren shook his head in disgust at the crying girl, and walked into the house, leaving her in her misery.

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