You said that this distance wouldn't change anything,

In fact, you said that it would make this stronger.

You said it would make it last longer.

This distance,

It changed me…

Did it change you?

You said that we were meant to be together


You said that we were destined,

That He meant for us to meet.

That doesn't mean that He meant for us to be more than friends…


Farther and farther,

This endless black roads stretch,

Between us,

It's not that long of a distance.

But, why does it feel like it?

Like we are in different worlds?

Because our communications are strained,

We don't have time for one another.

But, if we really are in love,

Like we so rarely say anymore,

Wouldn't we make time?

Because you and I,

We are the sunshine in each other's lives,

Do you still believe that?

Am I the one you think about?

Or, is there another person in your life?

That conquers your thoughts…?

I don't really know what you think,

Or what you thought…

But, I think…I think…that…you…that…you…

…thought that I was best thing that happened to you.

You've told me that a couple times,

Along with, "I'd be lost without you."

Now I'm lost,

Between these miles,

That go on and on,

And on…

This distance.

This distance.

It's tearing us apart.

This distance.

is changing everything.