In Sydney, Australia, a man sleeps – and dreams – in his house. The house rests on a giant plate of rock, which floats on an ocean of magma.
The magma forms a ball, which hurtles around a fiery ball of gas.
Beyond this, billions of other similar gaseous fireballs have even more billions of rocks flying around them.
Beyond all of this, outside of the universe, its creator sleeps.While the universe first exploded, almost fourteen billion years ago, it slept.
While the first unicellular microorganisms on Earth formed, four billion years ago, it slept.
While man rose above the other creatures on Earth, and formed civilizations, it slept.
It has been sleeping for about twenty billion years, and has been dreaming for a little under fourteen billion years.
While it sleeps, the universe goes on. Life continues.
Once it has awakened, the universe will disappear in an instant.
This has happened before, and it will happen again.
The universe exists solely in the mind of its creator. As it sleeps, and as it dreams, it watches as the universe develops.
As it dreams, the universe unfolds in a parallel dimension, a dimension the creator can only peer into. To it, the universe is no more than a panorama in motion; a motion picture of sorts.
The universe that has been created suits the desires of the creator. What lays in the realm of possibility now, the laws of physics and probability which dictate our everyday lives, did not necessarily exist in previous iterations of the universe. Previous dreams influence the present dream, and future dreams will be influenced by the present dream.
Not one being in the universe knows this, of course.
What they also don't know is that the creator will awaken soon.