Dear Diary,

Today is my forth day upon my journey West. We packed our wagon full of everything that we could fit in here. I miss my old home and my old ways. The familiarity of it was very welcoming. This---not so much.

Why did my family decide to do this? Well, I know why—this long, arduous journey is taking place in my life. It is for Father to get a better, more paying job, and for us to explore and see "The Promised Land".

I wonder if it is as wonderful as everyone explains that it is. I am very curious to see what this new land is all about. But, I am hoping that it is better than my old place, because then this journey would be all for nothing.

I do love the outdoors, though, and I am getting plenty of mountain, wilderness air. Father wants us to have a healthier life, with fresh, non-polluted air to breathe and grow.

I wish to get a job as a school teacher. I am thinking this is possible because there are more children on this journey of opportunity.

I wish for freedom, as so many do, and long for, wealth, as we obviously do, and happiness, doesn't everyone? They all connect in some sort of twisted circle somehow.

We are moving to have better farming land, because our land was not so fertile.

Let's hope for the best!