How to Fall in Love in Seven Easy Steps:

First thing's first:
You have to eat the whole world of her.
Dine on her sharp aromas, the twisted
mint flavor from her hair—
it's how you begin to wonder
which shampoo she uses, where she shops for perfume.

Remember: indulge, indulge, indulge.
Don't forget to really
drink in the colors of her
eyes, whether they be savory
steak brown or herbal green. Her lips,
Oh, remember those cotton candy puffs—
memorize her lipstick, her favorite shade of blue.

Don't forget to breathe.

Learn how to pronounce foreign sounds.
Use words like, entonces, and adentro.
Train your tongue. French-kiss a mirror.
Tell her how bad she looks in orange
and then hit yourself for saying something so stupid.

Don't worry about that last one.
When you're in love, you are so in love.

Tell everyone you know. Keep it a secret.
Throw a penny into a fountain every day and wish
her to say hey to you if you pass in the hall.

Get to know her. Take her to the movies.
Wrap your pinky around hers at a party
and when everyone leaves, pounce on her
and tell her afterwards, wow, that was so magical.

Forget holidays like Christmas and Valentines.
Celebrate the first day you met her, buy her roses
for the day you first kissed, first held hands,
first drank from the same soda straw.

Remember (and this is important):
You never have sex. You always make love.
Don't forget the spooning position.
Don't forget to whisper to each other afterwards
as if someone was really around to see you.

Finally, melt away.
Get lost in the creases of her voice;
listen for the soft vibrations of her skin
against yours. Bounce and bounce
and fly and fly and dissolve and reform
and die and die and die and die.

Now you're in love.