The ticking became louder. The hands of the clock moved slower...and slower...but the ticking, it grew so loud that I gripped my ears, yet none of my classmates noticed, too focused on finishing their oh-so-important tests for that perfect grade that would get them no where. I hated them all. I glared angrily at the paper in front of me, Rave Amery scribbled across a little line next to the date. He hated it all. Gritting his teeth angrily, he watched as his teacher, that lazy fucking pedophile, pretending to read out of a textbook while attempting to glance up the skirts of the girls who were unfortunate enough to sit in the front row. Bald faggot. A low growl emitted from my throat, but I held back, I wasn't going to freak out, no, no, not today.

Reaching into my jacket's pocket, one of many may I tell you, I pulled out a small Tic-Tac box, however, these were no Tic-Tacs, in-fact they were quite the opposite. See, I worked in a pharmacy and I stole pills. I didn't care what they were or what they did; I just enjoyed the rush I got out of taking them. If we had stocked adrenaline shots I sure as hell would have a few of those at home. Hahaha.

In any case, I shook the bottle slightly, enough to grab a few people's attentions away from their paper, but once they saw the candy shook their heads and rolled their eyes. I was the only one who ever ate in class. Too bad it wasn't real food, because maybe that would have made a difference today. I took a few of the pills from the little box, they were small and oval shaped...I forgot exactly what they were, because so many of them looked a like, but these ones were...different. Most pills, if I recall correctly, would have identification written on them. A little letter, some numbers, something to say "This is OUR product", to make it look unique; and it was...just...the little white pill had an "X" on it. I had a few of them, and they seemed to be a small does, probably only half a milligram, so I decided to take four of them.

I felt fine, free as bird, I zoomed through the test answering every question at the speed of light, my brain shooting answers through my central nervous system like it was on crack. Next thing I know I was standing next to the professor, who I might add, looked quite surprised that I had finished so quickly. "Are you sure you're done?" He asked politely, in a sincere, yet nearly mocking voice. I knew he was joking. But that was just wrong.

The next thing I remember was darkness. Everything was black. I remember shades of white, I think they were walls, but as soon as I saw them they disappeared and than there was red. There were screams, crying, I felt pain in my body, but I had no idea what was going on. A dream? No, too realistic to be a dream. FUCK! My arm is suddenly in great pain, I think it's broken, my eyes are open again, but their hazy and bloodshot, I think my contacts fell out because I can't see for shit.

Suddenly I was tackled from behind, I don't know who it was; boy, girl, teacher, student, but whoever it was made it gigantic mistake. I remember tumbling forward as they hit me from behind and the next thing I saw was them being hurtling across the room and shattering noise followed by a scream which was quickly drained out.

Alarms. Lights. More pain. My eyesight disappeared again. I feel numb. Pain. I don't know what happened, but now I'm here...I'm here.

"It's alright Rave, you'll be fine. We'll all be fine."

She was so sweet, her eyes were beautiful. I don't know how we ended up in the same room together. Maybe it was fate. Maybe it was something else, but she was gorgeous. I reached out to touch her face, to make sure she was real, my fingers caressed her check for a moment, but suddenly she was gone...gone...?

Wait. Where am I? Ugh, I have to close my eyes, this place is so fucking bright.


Another voice. Another person. Maybe he could help me. I stumbled blindly into the direction of his voice, but I could find no one. This place was so bright. So blindly I walked...