Meet Matt.

Matt is hyper a lot,

Then he is not.

Matt can do anything,

He can fly or sing.

Matt is not happy,

'cuz now he is crappy.

Meet Sam.

Sam is very sad,

Her life is bad.

Sam is in a bad mood,

Doesn't eat much food.

Sam will cut and cry,

She thinks she should die.

Meet Jill.

Jill thinks things again,

And again, and again.

Jill must repeat,

She taps out a beat.

Jill has to do it right,

All day and all night.

Meet Nate.

Nate gets distracted,

They don't like how he's acted.

Nate can't concentrate,

He stays up late.

He is hyper all day,

It gets in the way.

Meet Kim.

And meet Lance and meet Greg,

And meet Tabby and Meg.

Kim might be another,

A man or a mother.

Not herself all the time,

She can switch on a dime.

Meet Keith.

Keith sees things that aren't there,

He sees them everywhere.

Keith thinks they are real,

They have a smell and feel.

Keith isn't alone,

Just because no one's home.

Meet Moe.

Moe doesn't eat lunch,

Or dinner or brunch.

Moe will not eat,

Vegetable or meat.

Moe is very thin,

See the bones through her skin.

Meet Liz.

Liz had an accident,

The car was all bent.

Liz sees it in her dreams,

She wakes up and screams.

Now Liz doesn't drive,

Doesn't think she'll survive.

Meet Ned.

Ned likes to drink,

Then throw up in the sink.

Ned drinks every hour,

Even in the shower.

Ned likes vodka and beer,

Running out is his fear.


Can you guess what everyone has? I don't want to give it away, so you can give me your guesses in a review if you like, and I will tell you if you are right.