Chapter Eleven Goodnight, Tybalt

The dim lights flickered down a long hallway, led with ruddy cells and smelling rank with sweat and some smells that were indistinguishable. It was a well maintained building for the holding and hopeful rehabilitation of deamons and other dangerous creatures, but for the most part, it just kept them out of society until they had served their time, only to end up back inside the thick high walls and securely locked cells soon after.

Down the length of hall was a steel door with a single window, the cells were not equipped with a way to the outside world, since even with rune cuffs which would nullify the deamons powers and half their strength speed and other attributes, they were still dangerous and crafty. The guards and builders of the facility were going to take no chances when it came to keeping them inside.

The door, made of reinforced steel, depressurized and opened with a gust of compressed air, hissing as it escaped. The area, kept climate controlled was swept with a cool breeze of fresh air while a new body to add to the pile that already graced the area, was brought in.

Two guards flanking her, Hiei was brought into the hallway, the door closing and locking behind them firmly. She kept her head low, eyes narrowed, lips twisted in a look of disgust. They hauled her down with mild protests, which were made little by the thick heavy gold metal firmly wrapped around either wrist. The tall guards came to a cell at the other end of the long haul, and clanged one of the bats they carried against the bars to awaken whoever or whatever was inside and get them away from the doors as they slid the keycard into the lock and the doors slid open.

Hiei was none to gently deposited inside, baring her teeth and snarling like a beast as the large grated door slid back into place and the guards disappeared, none the worse for doing their jobs.

A tall, broad, and intimidating form leaned casually against the white washed wall, hidden under a large cascade of shadows. Threatening, even in spite of its casual and laid back, entirely indifferent air. Unlike many of the other inhabitants of the cells with surrounded them, this man did not even look up to see who or what had invaded his cell. He merely sighed an irritably, as if to wonder to the Gods what on earth he could have done to deserve yet another small annoyance in his life.

Standing up slowly, Hiei started pulling her hair back into a lazy ponytail, running her hands down across her ruddy white prisoners garb, taking her time in cleaning off before even trying to tackle the fact that she had to share a cell with someone, greatly irritated at this unforeseen and entirely unwanted turn of events, having been in a single cell for since she had been taken into what they called the justice system, though for the life of her she could not understand why.

The man in the shadows shifted slightly, stretching out his long limbs absently, and simply waiting. He knew from experience that his new cellmate would either start conversation, be it civil or otherwise, (usually otherwise) or she would leave him alone until she was taken away once more.

Rolling her shoulder she grabbed it and crunched the bones back into place forcefully, flexing her hand working out the kinks of rough handling. Her ear twitched catching the slightest ruffling of the material of the mans' uniform, and she leisurely looked over her shoulder, raising one blond eyebrow slowly, catching only the color of his shoes from his hiding place before he straightened and stepped out of the shadows, figuring he might as well satisfy her curiosity and allow her a glimpse of him so that she might later leave him be.

He was dressed in the same sort of prison garb that she herself wore, though his were more crisp, as if he had taken care not to get it dirty. His cheek bones were high, hollowing his cheeks and his face was stern and sharp, despite having many curved edges. His hair was a mop of maroon, seeming to defy gravity with its scruffiness. He lifted an eyebrow, staring above and past her from behind his dark glasses.

Giving him a quick once over she went about plucking pebbles from her jacket, still watching him lazily out of the corner of her eye, taking note of his hair to which she gave a small, teasing chuckle, barely a sound though still there. Hiei had to look up quite a bit to take him all in, though didn't feel all that intimidated by him, of course, then again, she wasn't always all there.

The man moved back into his safe haven of shadows and leaned against the wall, removing his glasses briefly to rub his eyes. The motion caused Hiei to turn so she was facing him- the loose cement under her feet crunching, loud in the silence that was between them, or at least into the cell, glancing over at the bunk beds. She took a breath, finally speaking after a long, somewhat awkward pause. "Which one's mine?"

"You can have the top," he replied, his voice a low rumble barely in her range of hearing.

"Okay," His rich tone sent a slight chill down her spine which she hid by folding her arms over her chest firmly, taking a more absent stance.

Stepping out of the shadows once more, he meandered over to sit down on his own bed, the mattress giving under his weight. He leaned forward, resting his elbows against his knees as he stared straight ahead with an unnervingly blank expression over his facial features. "You think loudly."

"I do not." She stated sharply, drumming her fingers over her arm as she regarded him, her eyes narrowed, face giving no explanation to what she was thinking, other than a slight hint of annoyance at him.

"You do," was his stoic reply, his gaze not moving from the blank wall a few feet away from him.

"Yeah? Then what the hell am I thinking?" Her lip curled the ever persistent drumming on her arm become quicker, ignoring the guards as they walked past the cell on their rounds, their light chatter pertaining to what they'd do after their shift was up and how their families were.

Tybalt shrugged slightly. "You are attempting to stop yourself from thinking of me in a sexually explicit manner," he stated absently. "As well as wondering why I have yet to look at you."

Hiei coughed slightly, she knew that deamons usually held the ability to mind drop, skim the surface of others thoughts, gather information on them, hear what they were thinking even find memories at times but she had always considered her own thoughts locked carefully away. The fact that he could easily dip in and out or even overhear her whims without bother unnerved her. Her fingers touching her throat as if in attempted to clear it, "That's a horrid exaggeration; perhaps I do think to loudly, but it is you who are eavesdropping..." Her eyes flickered back to him. "And since you have mentioned it, why haven't you looked at me, not that there is much to look at."

Tybalt sat back slightly so his back was straight, and removed the dark glasses that graced his angular face. Underneath he revealed pure white eyes, without any trace of a pupil or cornea of any kind, they were blank, emotionless and as clear and white as freshly fallen snow.

"Oh," Hiei breathed in slightly, swallowing her brash words quickly as her eyes locked with fascination on his, not the disgusted interest that some would have, she shifted her weight, coming closer without her noticing to look at his eyes.

He ran a hand through his messy hair, allowing her to look without protest to get it out of her system. Many in the past had been fascinated by his blank, yet captivating eyes.

"You have beautiful eyes." She said, her mouth forming the words before she could bite them back to resume her usual quiet and harsh demeanor.

His eyebrow rose slowly. "Thank you," he murmured in his extremely low bass voice that rumbled in his chest resonating beautifully.

Another slight chill danced down her spine, at the feeling her jaw locked and set, averting her gaze from him, stiffening to hold her head higher. The familiar feelings to previous predicaments set her resolve all the more quickly.

"Tybalt," he held out his hand, feeling no need to scorn his new cellmate and ignore her completely as he had with others in the past.

She glanced down at his hand, socially inept, before reaching out with her heavily bandaged, scarred little hand to take his. "Hiei."

He shook her hand once, his grip firm, commanding, but not invasive, before he let go and leaned forward once more, back to leaning on his elbows.

After another moment of regarding him, she took up to pacing along in front of the wall closest to the outside of the cell with slow, calculating steps, "What," She asked slowly, tentatively. "Are you in here for?"

"The same thing we are all in here for," Tybalt replied, his words coming out in a casual, laid back fashion, but sounding almost epic in his low voice. "For what I am and for who I associate with."

"Condemnation by association of species. A new low for Jareth." Hiei's pacing became slower, her feet scuffing along the ground, looking up to watch the lights flicker. The entire room had a low buzz from the electronic powered lights, it was amplified all the more by the delicate hearing of the deamons, and if they were on for a long amount of time without end, it would in all likelihood drive them insane. "How long have you been in here?"

"A few weeks," was his absent reply as he yawned wide, like a lion. His fangs were far larger than Hiei's, the males generally being that way as with any other species. "Nothing like how long most of the others have been here."

"This is a holding facility really, there are two places you go after they keep you here, death row or out." she spoke flippantly, her hand going back to the shoulder she had pulled into place, feeling it begin to ache she scowled, pulling down the material of her jacket over her shoulder to examine the bruising that was quickly forming on her faded pale skin.

"I take it that you have been here before,' he chuckled, a low rumbling noise that almost seemed to shake the very foundation of the cell in which they were located. "Several times."

Hiei snorted, smirking up at him the first friendly motion she had made besides the awkward handshake. "Yeah, actually, outside sources got me out but... this time." her voice trailed off indicating there was no help coming.

"Don't worry," Tybalt told her absently, laying back on his mattress and yawning wide once more.

"I have no real reason to worry. I don't fear death-though fore sure, from here it's death row." She stated her voice rising slightly but it dropped away as she leaned against the wall, her back against the white washed surface, fabric catching on the cracks peeling and raining paint chips as she sunk down.

Tybalt's eyes stared blankly ahead of him, of course not seeing what was in front of him, which was only the bottom of the bunk above him. "Well," he said in a slow, almost purposefully unsympathetic voice. "What did you have to live for anyway?"

She grunted, her fists clenching slightly, mouth curving angrily to snap at him, though she paused and settled as she found a lack of words. "Nothing." she replied quite honestly though there was no tone of sorrow to it.

Tybalt lifted an eyebrow, and then set it back down again, as if he had just won a heated debate.

"I guess it doesn't really matter if my neck goes to the chopping block." She chuckled under her breath dropping her head, staring at the ground with her slit red eyes. "Living's a real hassle anyway. More of an obligation than a gift."

"This world is made up of suffering," Tybalt murmured. "All we can ever do is fight the inevitable and hope for the best." Which caused her to snort. Hiei began to fiddle with the fabric of her sleeve, pulling at a thread absently.

"The best I can hope for is that they make it quick."

"Then that should be what you hope for," Tybalt replied. "But it is not what you expect, I can tell."

"Then, if you are so wise," She started nearly sarcastically, "What do I expect?"

"You do not expect death at all," Tybalt replied in a soft, low voice that was not comforting or gentle in any way. "You expect much worse than death."

A slow, sickly sweet smile spread across her features making them as harsh and cold as ice. She slowly closed her red deep set eyes, surrounded in the discolored darkened skin that made her look so feral. "Indeed, I do."

"Do not worry," Tybalt told her. "Your expectations may very well come true."

"Thank you for comforting me," She laughed at him keeping her eyes closed, ragged eyelashes black against her soft skin.

"What did you expect me to say?" he sat up slightly, awaiting her response with one eyebrow lifted above the other in an almost condescending attitude.

"I actually expected you to lay there and say nothing." She looked up, peeking out at him from partially closed eyes. "You are drawing close to the line that will have me come over there and knock some sense into you and your greater-than-thou attitude in this moment."

"What would be the point of that?" he inquired of her.

"At some point I'd break your jaw so you couldn't speak to me in such a disrespectful manner." She replied curtly, her words purring to stop them from slashing out at him in heated temper.

"No, you wouldn't," he laid back down, shifting his weight, though he knew that he would never really be comfortable on the sub par mattresses with which they were provided. "You know as well as I do that you aren't going to break my jaw."

"I would, and could," She stated, scratching at the floor with one of her claw like nails, leaving deep gouges in it as she did so. The guards came by one more, now heading back to the booth to change rounds with another pair.

Tybalt scratched a simple line into the wall beside him with a rock he had been holding in his left hand as the guards changed shifts. "But you won't."

"I make no promises." She told him darkly, tapping her foot on the ground, watching the runner she had been given as part of her prison uniform, the light weight footwear so different from her usual leather boots.

"You don't have to," was his stoic answer.

"How can you be so damn confident?" Her lip curled in frustration.

"Because you don't know how to respond to it," was his even more frustrating reply.

A low growl emitted from deep in her chest "I have a good way to respond to it, come here." she motioned at him with her thin finger daring him to come over.

"Why?" he was indeed infuriating.

The growl became deeper; she didn't have the patience to put up with him. "Because, I have a perfectly wonderful way to deal with you."

"Hmm," he tapped his chin contemplatively. "No, I don't think so. I'm comfortable."

"For Gods sakes." She got up, his cocky air getting on her quickly fraying nerves and quickly igniting her short fuse.

Tybalt yawned once more, as if he found her entirely predictable and all out boring.

She couldn't help herself, his arrogance, beating her down verbally, being all out irritating got to her last already damaged nerve and with that she pushed off the ground, using the corner of the wall to jump him, grabbing his shoulders harshly. At that point, she could care less if he was blind or not.

Tybalt took hold of her hand and bent her wrist backward, crushing the bones of her hand within his own closing his fist nearly completely, his face remaining stern and unresponsive.

Hiei let out a low canine whimper, a low tremble in the back of her throat before bringing her knee down into his stomach as hard as she could, wrenching her untouched hand before he could get at it.

Tybalt sighed without reacting much at all to her knee, the mattress curving down under her slight weight. "It's getting late," he commented absently, releasing her wrist to let her hand hang limp in the runic bracer.

Her eyes flared a darker red hissing at him angrily, partially due to the shooting pain up her arm, though his bout of strength made her cringe in defeat, bowing to the alpha in their cell as he proved to be without contest. The deamon pecking order had been placed.

"You should get some sleep," he stated. "We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow," he spoke cryptically.

"A long day ahead of us?" She said pulling away from him to cradle her wrist in the nook of her arm. "It's just another day in prison." She conceded to him and took no further action once the trail of dominance over her had been trod.

He turned his head slightly to give the illusion that he was looking at her, though the sight of his eyes falling on anything gave the impression that the something did not exist at all.

She returned his gaze, or lack there of, unable to even set her shattered wrist due to the large bracers covering them. She kept her hand tucked under her arm, looking up at the second bunk which she was unable to make on simple leap into as she would without the same hindrance that kept her from fixing her wrist. She'd have to climb up like a lowly human.

Tybalt turned his head so it appeared as though he were looking at the mattress above him, finding it made people more comfortable if he pretended to gaze towards sounds.

She held her arm steady and away as she jumped up, catching the railing to haul her small body onto the top bed.

"Good night Hiei," he murmured in his low, rumbling voice.

She sighed heavily staring up at the ceiling "Goodnight Tybalt."