Another Shadow in the Dark Tale is about to begin. I hope you all enjoy the story. Chapter 2 will be longer.


I have been someone for years. I know everything, I know everyone; and I especially know you. I'm the one who waits in the darkness. The one who everyone fears; and I am someone who you can't get rid of, I live in the back of your mind quietly feeding off of your weakness. Fear, doubt, and pain; all of these factors make me strong. And when one gets too far into doubt my time to strike has come and I snatch them into their own mind. It is there where I battle you for control of your soul. And for years I have taken many lives, many souls. My power had become almost indestructible. I had even taken on a physical form, one that all would fear. Then he came.

Alex Stone was a child with such a strong connection with doubt and hurt that I was at the peak of my power. I don't think I had ever been that strong. Hearing his thoughts I showed him that which he was afraid of; and that was being alone. But during our final conflict before he submitted his heart raced with hope. My power drained as my physical stature deteriorated. He returned to the real world and left me as nothing.

But I vowed to get my revenge. And now I have found someone to attach to; a person so weak and pathetic that I will have no problem manipulating his feeble mind.

My name is Kurt Mitchell. I'm a twenty-three year old nobody. Ever since I was young I have had only but one friend. He calls himself Rabisu. For the last two years he has been telling me that I need to go on a very important mission. I must fuse with his essence and kill the one called Alex Stone. I had never killed anyone before. But since Rabisu asked me I will. I even got some practice in and the poor girl now lay on the floor of my hotel room. But it's not messy so I'll just chop her up and take her for a snack. Because after taking on the power of Rabisu I've had this satiable blood lust that I just can't seem to quench. But I was told after Alex is dead that my lust will end and my power will become unstoppable. I will become someone at last.