Thoughts of you still plague my mind
All the things you left behind
The way you did me before you were gone
I miss you here feel so alone
Sometimes the memories overwhelm me
I picture things as they were
I regret a lot in my past
But your love wasn't pure
I can't let it bring me down
I have too keep pushing on
I have to regain the pride I once had
I have to let go of these memories
They are driving me mad
I miss you coming by
But maybe it's for the best
I will remember the last time we were together
Where you lied like all the rest
You told me you loved me
Almost made me believe again
Then as usual you stabbed me
And brought my happiness to an end
But that is the last time you will affect me
I will not be broken down
I will continue living
Even without you around
What you did is heartless
Ruthless and selfish acts
I just have to shake it off
And truly face the facts
You are gone and changing
Not the one I one I know and love
You are a cold and manipulative bitch
And all this pain I must rise above
So enjoy your life
The one built on more lies every day
I will not be beaten down
You will not stand in my way
If your choice isn't me
Then fine make that mistake
One day I will find someone
She will have my love to take
You will fade into a memory
More of a scar
To make me stronger
And to remind me who you are
Thank you for giving me the vengeance I craved
You made love to me when you were with him
That night I ranted and raved
Though I wish more came out of it
I guess I got to see the good in it all
You may have broken me once
But you can never make me fall