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Another A/N - Everytime a small grouping of text is thrown together between two horrizontal lines that means it is a dream sequence, If you read then you will catch onto the pattern. The origional copy of the story has it different but FP sucks at formatting. ENJOY!!!

He awoke with a start. Blinking uncontrollably, he gazed around his barely visible room, which slowly comes into focus. Straight ahead at the foot of his bed a trashy computer desk covered with debris, books, scented candles, random papers, and in the center a still-new looking laptop computer. A glance to his left reveals his entertainment station, fully equipped with cable television, Playstation 2, a small stereo, and a VCR. Now small blurry pictures are coming into focus and he can make out the posters littering his wall, from favorite television shows to his favorite bands to funny quotes.

Realizing he is awake now, just remembering he can't see without contacts he crawls out of bed, walks down the narrow stairs turning right into the living room and then left into the bright bathroom. Looking in the mirror he sees what he has been waiting for, for 17 long years, Dave, the high school senior. This thought flashes through his mind for a moment and the effect - a small grin appearing on his dry lips. Dave runs a hand through his untidy dark brown hair, takes a deep breath, and gently centers his contacts into his eyes. Seeing clearly now he can identify the cowlick where it always is every morning, his brown eyes with a contact outline, and the outline of his body, not really skinny but not built, just average for his age.

Three weeks left until the start of school at Beddington High. RING! The sound pierces the silence of the morning. RING! Okay… getting annoying now. RING! What is that? RING! Duh…

"Smecker residence" Dave says.

"Yo man where the hell are you?" said the person on the other line in an exasperated voice.

"What are you talking about, who is this, man I just woke up." He replied.

"It's Mike, I'm at Movie Magic, you're late, it's 2:30; you're scheduled for 1:00." Mike announced.

"WHAT! Oh shit man I slept in. Be there in a minute!" He squished the red End button and ran upstairs. In less than three minutes he is prepared, teeth brushed, uniform on, ipod in right pocket, cell phone and keys in the left, and wallet in the back. Landing on the bottom step he hurries into the kitchen and throws cat food all over, who cares, cats'll eat it anyway he compromises, he's too late to worry about cat food.

Two minutes later he's speeding down the middle of the road on his bike. Goddamn bike, go faster, GOD I'm a senior and I'm riding a damn bike to work! When his thoughts end, he arrives at Movie Magic, his employer for the last 5 months.

Dave locks his bike on his usual tree and walks sheepishly into the video store where Mike is waiting for him.

"Man, you're so lucky I called. Rick the Dick isn't here yet," Mike greeted him.

"Dude, grow up, that nickname went out when we were sophomores, it's Rick the Prick now, get it right!" he replied with sarcastic seriousness.

"Ha ha whatever, just get back here, I'm watching your favorite movie."

"Boondock?" he asked, referring to "The Boondock Saints".

Their shifts end quickly, customers in and out of the store constantly, watching movies all day, referring their favorites to customers. Six o' clock comes awfully fast on days like this and by 6:10 he is walking through his back door.

"MOM, I'M HOME," he yells throughout the small house as his mother comes from the living room. "Oh hey Mom…" followed by much small talk between mother and son. He leaves her at the bottom of the stairs and heads to his room, boots up the computer, puts on itunes, and gets on AIM.

Walking though a subway station, he emerges into the bright blinding sun. All that is ahead is a long field of grass and at the end is a girl. She must be a mile away but he can see her perfectly. Her straight, bright blonde hair, colorful face, pinkish lips, light makeup, the rest of her doesn't even register in his mind. All he sees now is her mesmerizing eyes. Her green eyes sucking him in, deeper deeper, leaning in for a kiss, completely uncontrollable, deeper deeper…
"FUCK" he falls with a crash out of bed, hitting his head, the pain from it in addition to the end of that beautiful dream forced him to swear loudly. He's been having these dreams almost every night; he sees the girl every time but never got that close. GOD, I almost kissed her, I know it was a dream but come on, what the hell! So close. Anger pulses through his mind, stupidity, the ludicrousness of it. Usually when a guy sees a cute girl he'll hit on her and try to hang out. But no. This time I fucked up, I just got hit with something. I just… froze. Why did I freeze, it's not fair, one more chance is all I'd need. Dave repeats this to himself every time he wakes from this dream, as if he had almost kissed her for real. Something was strange. Two weeks ago while walking though Downtown Crossing he and Mike were checking out the girls and now he can't picture any of their faces. Just blurs. But this girl, she stuck in Dave's mind, just a glimpse is all he saw, a little smile, not even in his direction but he saw it, every detail of her face, was imprinted on his mind, and it just froze him inside.

I can't stand it, I'm going back and I'm going to find her, I have to find her. Did she even exist, or is this just my imagination working up again, all I think about is girls, was she even there? NO! She was real, I know it, I just know it. And with that, he spent the rest of the day imagining finding her and having to gather the courage to say anything, "Hi" "Hello" "What's your name" just to get her attention, just to get her to look at him, to noticed his existence, anything…