Elliot has a terrible secret. He's in love with his brother. SLASH.

Affliction Chapter One

I hate the rain. It's raining right now, and my headphones are loud in my ears, because I don't want to hear the rain. I'm also in my bed, under the covers even though it's only two in the afternoon.

"Elliot, unlock the door!"

I jump slightly, and reluctantly pull out my headphones and stick my head out.

"What?" I snap, even though I know it's only Matt and he's probably here to comfort me, because it's raining.

Matt drums his fingers against the door, a sign of annoyance. I roll out of my bed and walk over to the door, and unlock it.

"Hey...are you all right?" Matt asks, sitting down on the edge of my bed. I burrow back into my warm nest of covers, grunting in reply. Matt, patient as ever with me, pats the lump that is my leg.

"I'm going out later, to Ray's birthday party. You're invited, you know."

I stick my head out again. Matt, my brother, is very popular. Ray is his friend, and is just as popular. They are both two years ahead of me at school, and as far as I know, Ray doesn't know who I am. So why would he invite me to his birthday party?

I ask Matt this, and he smiles at me. "You're my brother, or have you forgotten?"

I frown. This fact makes no difference. I wonder briefly if this is a plot to embarrass me or something, but Ray wouldn't do that. I wouldn't be worth his time.

"No...What should I wear?" I ask, meekly. I've only been to one party before, and I hated it. I wonder why I'm even considering going.

"Wear your usual emo shit," Matt says, teasingly. I glare at him. He laughs.

"You know Ray...nothing special about that guy. I guess the girls will dress up, but not him. His parents are letting him have the house for the weekend, seeing as it's his eighteenth."

I watch Matt talk. I like to, because he's very handsome. I say this from an aesthetic point of view, of course. I'm an artist therefore notice things like that. I also notice how similar but different I look compared with my only sibling. Matt is almost eighteen, and I'm almost sixteen. Funnily enough, our birthdays are two days apart, and we usually celebrate them together on the day in between.

Matt is tall and well built for a seventeen year old guy, while remaining slim, and his black hair is cut relatively short and is always spiked up with gel. His eyes are blue like mine, but the shape is different, and his facial features are very sharp and slightly intimidating. However, despite being a typical boy: a cursing, girl obsessed, sport mad person, Matt is very nice. Everyone loves him. I, on the other hand am shorter, thinner, my black hair longer and straighter. My features aren't feminine, but they aren't masculine. I guess I work the androgynous look. Aside from that, I'm not as nice as my brother, and my lack of friends prove that.

"So...it's Saturday. We've got nothing to do until eight, that's when we're leaving, so do you want to play some basketball in the garden or something?"

I glare at him, and his eyes widen. "Oh, shit...sorry El. I forgot that it was raining."

He looks a bit sheepish, and I shrug.

"Never mind...I was going to draw after the nap you so rudely interrupted. But I'm hungry now." I say, looking pointedly at the door. Matt gets the hint and stands up.

"What do you want me to make?" He asks, straightening his shirt. I shrug again. Matt leaves the room, with a resigned smile. He's used to my difficultness.


"It's cold!" I whine, shivering. Matt looks unimpressed, as we walk down the street. It's ten past eight in the evening, and we're walking to Ray's.

"It's October, mate. I told you to wear a jumper or something, but no, you just had to ignore me."

I glare at him, and rub my hands up and down my arms. I'm wearing my usual skinny jeans, t-shirt and various bracelets, with my hair tied up in a little ponytail, the rest of it blowing over my eyes. I look, and feel stupid.

I hear a zipper and watch Matt as he takes of his jacket, and slips it round my shoulders. I look dumbly up at him, and he rolls his eyes.

"Put your arms in the sleeves, then, or are you waiting for me to do that for you?"

I shake my head and blush, stuffing my arms in the sleeves. Matt pauses to pull the zip up for me, pulling up the collar of the jacket so it protects my neck. When he's apparently satisfied with his work, he pinches my cheek in an affectionate sort of way.

"Aren't you cold?" I ask, as we resume walking. I feel a bit guilty when I see the goose bumps that appear on his arms.

Matt doesn't answer. I move my eyes away from my arms and up to his face, and he has a strange expression.

"Matt?" I ask, nervously. His eyes widen briefly, as if I'd woken him from a trance.

"Oh...I, uh, I'm fine, El. If you catch a cold dad will kill me." He says, smiling, back to normal. I dismiss his little spell of oddness.

"We're here!" He says, after a few more minutes of walking. The crowd of people, loud music and cars with their doors open kind of make it obvious, but I make a sound of approval, and skulk behind as Matt is suddenly mobbed by his friends/fans. I sometimes find it hard to differentiate between the two.

"Oh-" I gasp, as someone knocks into me from behind.

"Watch it!" A harsh voice snaps, right by my ear. I look back angrily, ready to defend myself.

My face pales when I recognise who it is.


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