A Faerie's Dream

I had a dream last night. A Faerie Childe came and whispered in my ear in the water-like trickle of the Faerie language, and I listened submissively to the fiery words. She led me to chaotic city, where no one had a Purpose but everyone was purposeful. My Faerie told me that this was how everything was in dreams.

She took me to a monstrous building where all of the sophisticated animals lived: she wanted to visit her friend the raccoon; but when we got to his apartment, there was a note on his door saying that he'd gone to the doctor's because he was bored and wanted the doctor to cure him of it. But my Faerie Childe told me that this was how things worked in dreams.

We went through another door and found ourselves outside on another busy road. A big mirror hung on the sides of the buildings, but instead of seeing a reflection of the world in it, we saw Emptiness; not darkness, only Emptiness. And she told me that this was how mirrors worked in Dreamworld.

I did not like her Dreamworld (or was it my Dreamworld?) so I decided to wake up. But my Faerie Childe told me that I could only wake up if I wanted to; I did not understand; I wanted to. But she told me that I had to want to wake up so much that I actually woke up and didn't just want to wake up. So I slept on, and dreamt on, and wondered how much wishing makes a wish a wish.