Please, tell me I'm still breathing.

I'm alive.

Someone, wave fingers desperately in front of my eyes,

hoping I'll respond.

Please don't cry…

I'm alive.

I know I'm not sleeping.

I know you're crying.

I'm still here.

Flowers around the body-

wilted roses

& broken lilies

(I'm still breathing)

Yesterday was everything

and I'm awake…

Love me, please

my eyes respond.

Why is everyone scared to touch me?

I won't break.

Why won't everything hurt?

I'm not numb…

Why won't anyone tell me I'm not lost?

I can still hear you.

Just look into my eyes,

I'll respond.

Please, someone tell me I can't die…

I'll survive.

Please, someone free me from this mess,

I can't escape.

Someone help me, I'm still here…

I'm awake.