Little bumblebees buzzed about

Watching the flowers die.

The grass turned pale, the leaves changed colour –

Another summer passed by.


Soon, orange leaves came raining down

And trees began to yield.

The bee colony awaited the worst

Which had yet to be revealed.


Just as quickly, there stood bare trees;

The temperature and snow fell;

Their honey supplies were very short;

They all dreaded the winter spell.


However long it seemed to take,

Finally new buds appeared.

The snow had thawed and the sun emerged;

The whole bee colony cheered.


They waited for the flowers to bloom

And cease of the spring rainfall.

At that sight, all the bees rushed out –

Summer was there once more.

Theme: Life is like a cycle of good and bad events. No matter how bad the times seem, good ones will come eventually.

A/N: This was a poem I did for English. It ended up that the teacher forgot about it. I took it down for a while for this contest thing, but now it's over, it's back up.

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