The Intensity of Him

The shadows of light...

It's amazing what the darkness does. It hides all the insecurities,
it blends into every wall and traps the heat of passion without a
second thought. It becomes more tempting and inviting then it
can ever be. With every kiss there is a sigh of utter desire. Even
in the dark, no expression could begin to fathom it's emotion. It's
unbelievable what a little missing light can do.

The shine within the darkness...

Despite the tangled limbs that stretch beneath the fall of sheets,
there's something uncomplicated about the cover of darkness.
Each move satisfies each undeniable want, each kiss drives
insanity into each movement. It's easy to see how a streak of
darkness can turn something so controlled into a random grab
of want.

The spark through the black...

In the touch of darkness there is no barriers of logic. Everything
becomes a haze, the air becomes thinner and the heart races with
every anticipation of need. Its moments like this that she knows
that there's nothing that could match the intensity of him.

(Published: 21/06/06)