This is actually on my other profile (hiding behind a notebook, and yes, I did steal that from Fine Line). I wrote it for my drama and screenwriting class last year, because we had to do a poem based on another poem or a piece of art... This one is based off of The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey.


Today, Katie Lovejoy
Went for a walk in the woods
She didn't listen to her parents
And take a friend like she should

There was a bunny
And it was bloody
Its head was in a tree
But Katie Lovejoy didn't see it
She was busy skipping happily

Then the Bunnyman
Axe in his hand
He saw Katie Lovejoy
Skipping over the land

Now Katie Lovejoy
She has no head
Cuz she got killed
So now she's dead.