It's a deliciously warm, yet subtly breezy

Kind of day, and I have nothing to worry on,

Nowhere to be, no deadlines to meet,

No meetings to make, nothing at all-

It's the weekend, and it's my favorite time of year.

The leaves aren't quite yet colored, still green,

But summer's begun to relinquish it's hold.

It's no longer stifling, there's hope for this drought,

And the sky is just the right shade of blue.

Sitting in a lazy chair, at a sidewalk

coffee shop, sipping on a strawberry

Orange smoothie, that is curing my thirst.

With others all around me chatting, and laughing,

Walking by or sitting, passing by in cars,

No one really rushing, just savoring the afternoon.

If only life were like this; unhurried, relaxed,

Sleepy, almost. There's a flag waving in the wind.

My hair laid down just the right way today.

My skin's still feeling smooth from my shower.

This is my last year before freedom, independence.

I love to dance and soon I'll be doing just that.

I have friends and those who love me; close by.

There'll be a bed to lie in, tonight, and food.

And for once, just this once, I can smile

Because I feel simply beautiful, and life

Couldn't get better than this.