Silent Prayer

I awoke one morning, running
To the ends of the earth
Running as fast and as far as I could
Searching for an escape
In desperation
For a way out of this reality
With determination
To find salvation within me
When will my soul settle
Feel comfortable to set itself free
When will time intervene
To show me how life should be

Within me, there lies a darkness
So black, so deep
That despair is too kind of a word
To purge is to die a little
No light can shed upon
Such blackness, such thoughts that
Overflow through the vessels
That creep within this body
Break me open
And tear me to pieces
Rid me of this darkness
Until every last shadow ceases

The world all the greyer
As people solemnly walk by
Shackled in routine
I watch the world pass me by
Living everyday
With broken smiles
Conversing, while whispering
With empty words
How much longer
Will I play this act I do
How much time will pass
Before my cry reaches you

And so at the end of the day
I retreat to bed feeling like shit
Hoping, wishing
For a better tomorrow
"Tomorrow will be better"
I just have to reassure
Tell myself just that
That it will, I'm sure.