I opened my eyes seeing darkness under the blanket. I heard nothing in my room. I just heard a faint buzzing only recognizable when there's complete silence. I was afraid to look and see the strange guy there so I called Brenda hoping she was still awake since it was only 10 o'clock. Gratefully she was and she walked in my room and turned on the lights. I was scared that she might say something like "Hey why is there a boy in your room?!" or something to that effect, but nothing. All she did was stand at the door and say, "Yes?"

"Oh umm…can you get me some water? I'm kind of thirsty and my head kind of hurts." I moved the blanket off and made a fake effort to get up. I scrunched my face in pain.

"Okay just stay here. You know you work me like a pack mule right?"

I put on a fake smile as a way of saying thank you and took it off as soon as she turned the lights off and left the room. Luckily she left my door a little opened and the hallway lights spilled in my room covering half my room with light. It was bright enough to see so I looked around my room. Everything was in its place. My computer desk in the corner, my sliding door closet half opened , my white feather faintly glowing on top of my book shelves, my green stool in front of my mirror, a guy wearing white on top of my stool, my backpack near---

I jerk my head back to the dark corner at the stool and sure enough HE was sitting cross- legged on top of it staring at me like I was some sort of alien, his right elbow leaning on his knee and his head propped on top of his closed hand. I tilt my head up and close my eyes.

Oh God why me?! Just make him leave me alone!

"That's pretty mean don't you think?"

I slowly tilt my head back down to see him. He looked like he jumped out of one of those fashion magazines Brenda keeps in the restrooms. The light from outside seemed to flow from my opened window just to have the pleasure to touch his face. He seemed so cool sitting there like it was normal to be sitting in a girl's room on top of a stool late at night. He wasn't wearing his white coat, but instead a white v-neck with (of course) white pants. He just sat there staring at me not moving, you could have sworn he was a statue. His frozen figure was broken by his smooth hair falling over his eyes. He maneuvered his hands gracefully to move his hair from his face and I saw his toned muscles move under his shirt as well. I felt compelled to just stare at him and examine every part of him. Suddenly the lights in my room turned on and Brenda came in holding a cup of water with my medications.

"Here take some of these if you are still feeling pain okay? Are you sure its okay for you to go to school tomorrow?"

I stared at her not registering a word she just said. I quickly look at the guy to see if he was still there and he was, just listening to us talking. I quickly glance at Brenda wondering if she was blind or something. I mean how can you not see him sitting right there?

"Come on dummy, answer! Say yes or something!" I hear a voice say.

"Yes or something." I finally say realizing a little late what I had done, but not late enough to recover from it. "I mean yeah sure I'm good. Hahaha…"

Brenda looked like she was going to counter my response but didn't and smiled faintly . She turned around and walked right past the stool and didn't say a thing. She turned the lights off and closed the door behind her.

Right after I heard the door click shut I turned my head toward him.

"Wow you're --" he began to say.

"I'm not mean okay? She's the one that offered her assistance to me with anything I needed help on." I said half absent-mindedly.

"Oh yeah. Well I wasn't talking about that really. I actually was referring to when you asked God you wanted me to leave you alone. That was a pretty harsh thing to say about someone whose been helping you all your life."

"Look okay, I can see that you are terribly sick and need help. I would gladly point you to the direction of the clinic.

"Oh my. Can you just listen to me for a bit? Goodness."

"What, that whole explanation about you being an angel and stuff? Come on and give me a break will ya? You seriously need to leave or so help me God I will yell at the top of my lungs."

"Why do you need God's help for you to yell? Huh…Just give me a second to explain again. Clearly this time"

I looked at him and sighed. "Shoot."

"Okay. I AM an angel. More specifically a guardian angel. Your guardian angel. Are you still with me?"

I looked at him blankly. I sighed out loud again, crossed my arms, and nodded slowly. Might as well listen to his "story" since it seems like he's not going to leave till he does..

"Good. My name is Kakabel, angel of the moon and I guess you can just call me Kyle. I prefer it instead of poop-bell. I'm in charge of helping you and sort of guiding you throughout your life. You see….Actually scratch that. You AREN'T suppose to see me. That's the problem we have right now. And to tell you the truth I don't know why you are able too. The first time you saw me I was shocked and thought I would get in trouble so I flew straight to my superiors and reported what happened. They dismissed it as a coincidence and the second time as well, but I don't think there will be a third coincidence. I also got scolded for leaving my charge, which is you, alone here. I didn't mean to though, I just got caught off guard and acted carelessly. You see, you are the first charge I ever had. And I never heard of this ever happening before. I've been trying to contact my superiors with no such luck. I don't know what's going on up there, but don't worry. Everything will be fine soon and you won't remember any of this. As it should be." He said all of it so fast but clear and when he was finally done he breathed in and out slowly. I watched his chest rise and fall from under his dim white shirt. Relief seemed to spread across his body as the tenseness seemed to flow away replaced by his relaxed body.

It took a couple of minutes for all this to sink in and he stayed quiet like he knew it would take me a while. I couldn't help but believe him. I mean he just sat there his eyes pleading me to believe him because it WAS the truth. At that moment to me he became a little boy trying to prove his innocence that he didn't do anything wrong. It reminded me of Brandon. After I filtered all that info, my head was flooded with questions. Too much questions in fact this whole thing seemed confusing or actually unbelievable that I got a major headache. I reached out for my medication and put 2 pills in my mouth. I flushed it down with cold water. Everything came out all at once.

"Okay so let's say I do believe you. Are you trying to tell me that you're my guardian angel? Did you know me since I was little? Why can I see you and it seems no one else can? Is there something wrong with me? Does superiors mean Jesus or God? Do you have wings? Do you have to wear white all the time? How did you know what I was thinking earlier? Do you work ou---?"

"Work what?"

"Whoa I'm really tired. I can't seem to keep my eyes open."

The corners of his lips tilted up. Wow he's smiling. He looked so cute and dangerously handsome…I noticed he had a dimple on his right cheek right next to his breathtaking smile and he seemed amused. "You were suppose to take only one pill dummy and you took two. Those pills make you drowsy just to let you know." he stated still sitting on my stool. He shifted his body smoothly to the right into the darkness leaving the light behind.

For an angel he sure was a smart-ass.

He chuckled and continued, lowering his voice, "You just take a rest okay? We'll continue when you're not falling half asleep." I couldn't tell where he was because the voice seemed to drift across the room. I didn't see him walk towards me, but I suddenly felt a firm hand on my shoulders pushing me gently down to the bed till my head hit my pillow. My blanket was placed softly on top of me. He bent over my bed his face inches from mine. He slowly moved his head a little upward and I felt his soft warm lips grace my forehead. Blood rushed to my cheeks and I was grateful it was dark so he couldn't see how red my face had become.

I tried to talk, "Wha…the…you doing…?!"

"Shhh…just saying goodnight." he sang in my ear. It was like the last part of a lullaby sending me to my dreams.