I've got a feeling deep inside my soul,

And like most feelings,

I cannot seem to describe it to you.

But, oh!

How I wish I could.


A ray of sunshine peering through the clouds after a storm

In a way that makes one think of hope of better things;

An end to the rain and the gloom,

An end to the pain.

It's like that


Not quite.


Perhaps it is rainbows splashed across white walls from a prism;

Little spot of color, of cheer that seem to remind one

Of a divine promise to end all suffering,

To never kill again,

A promise of peace in times of peril.

Maybe it is this


Maybe it isn't.


A child's smile upon realizing that Daddy has finally come home,

The squeal as he comes walking up the drive,

The thrill of being lifted up and held by strong, protective arms,

Knowing nothing could ever harm them as long as Daddy is there





That seems to describe it best,

But . . .


How can I describe a feeling deep inside my soul

If you cannot see it?

If you cannot feel it?

I wish I could give you this feeling, so you could share in its warmth with me.

But I cannot.


You have to experience it,

For yourself.