This is not a story about heroes.

Nor is it a story about elves and fairies, and handsome young princes who risk life and limb to rescue a beautiful damsel caught in a rather compromising situation. And no, there aren't any headstrong princesses who want nothing more than to excape the duties of royalty and the Crown either, so you can let out the breathe you've been holding all this time now.

Instead, this story is about a disgruntled airship builder with a rather big superiority complex whom, after being archived and chiseled into the fine ink blots of this book, has now come to hate the delightful number of 'thirty-nine'.

It is also about the rather stupid people she (Yes, she. In words wiser than my own, don't panic.) is forced together with through such ridiculous things as a Warlock, a Bindlock, and even Wedlock.

So...maybe that last one was a bit of an exaggeration. But, it is the principles to focus upon here.

These 'rather stupid people' include an incompetent, self-proclaimed 'magician' who may or may not come to realize his stange attaction to the airship builder's left boot, a sarcastic soldier sentenced to watch over her 'progress' (Read: Plot point.) whilst trying ever so hard not to rip out his own hair, and the 'magician''s ditz of a little sister who's quite fond of cogs, white gloves, and ways to wash laundry.

There is no magic, epic swordfights, nor are there thrilling rides of the backs of red scaled dragons.

But there are castles (that don't exist.), cogs (that are starting to rust.), and reluctant villains (who have no clue as to what they're doing or where they're going.).

And panic-worthy events.

Lots of panic-worthy events.

And it all begins rather simply.

It begins with a coin.