Marie's Little Adventure

"BUT MOMMY!" Marie whined not getting as she pleased.

She threw a tantrum, cried fake tears, and ran out on the streets.

"I never get what I want! Unlike those families that I see."

Away from home with nothing but anger, she wandered aimlessly.

From mansions to houses, she went on without a destination.

From apartments to the streets, her spoiled heart started racing.

The further she walked, louder became the sound of sirens.

She turned the corner and was shocked at the scene of violence.

A girl her age, kicked out by her mother, was crying her eyes out.

As an instant reaction, Marie ran to give the poor girl some help.

"Calm down. Stop crying. Come with me, we'll take a walk."

Surely enough the two girls bonded, Marie got her to talk.

"My dad left us. We have no food. My mom's an alcoholic.

I sift through dumpsters each day, just to see what I can get.

I'll be lucky to find at least one meal to eat a day.

With the floor as my bed, I close my eyes and to God I pray.

I thank him for this roof over my head and also for my life.

I smile and think to myself, I made it through another night."

The night wasn't getting any younger, Marie started back home.

The girl was so happy, she thought to herself, walking back alone.

She barely had a thing besides hope and gratefulness.

And with that alone, she was able to achieve happiness.

Marie got home and was embarrassed at the tantrum she had.

Suddenly… broccoli for dinner didn't seem so bad.