carve out the words
draw pretty red poetry all over my arms
a little blood won't hurt me

a smiley face followed by a
flaming gun in the hand of a
homosexual priest

you're a handful of irony
covered in layers of gold and shit
(dig through all the shit until you find the gold)

the perfectly blend of
anatomy (silk skin covering an instrument of pleasure)
and autonomy (tell me where to place my fingers)

so carve out that pretty poetry
snaking in little red lines all over my arms
a little blood releases the endorphins

a rainbow and a butterfly
captured by the devil
who throws candy apples at the poisoned children

you're bucket full of marbles
every bit of you a different size and color
(a piece of every soul you've eaten)

the diabolical blend of
smitten (you're the only one i'll ever need)
and skanky (but not the only one i'll ever want)

so just carve out your thoughts
pretty poetry calligraphied in red
singing deep into my veins.

sing it loud.