This was followed by a thud of sorts, as if he had tackled someone to the ground. Then there was a soft conversation going on, not voices that Aharae had ever heard before. Fear froze her to the upright sitting position she had come to, her heart beat rapidly as her eyes began to water. had someone been hurt, would they come for her? A few more crashes from the bedroom next to her's. A guttural groan came from the soft, yet sensual voice of Morgaine, a quiet yet strong brother born fifth to their parents. The tears fell from Aharae's eyes and glided down her cheeks, in the darkness her eyes a still Grey color.
Surely Sankh would go for help, run as fast as his powerful legs could take him. Aharae swore she heard a feminine laugh, but this was unlikely to her rationale. The tears flowed like water over the black falls that were her thick eyelashes. She was silent, keeping her mouth closed tightly and her breathing quiet. Despite the fear, confusion, and outright panic that was fighting her. Her body fell against the wall she shared with Morgaine, and she sank down to the floor. She sat for what seemed like hours, her eyes becoming red from wiping away tears. Her face was puffy and her cheeks flushed though she was pale from fright.
There was silence. By now, after this routine of nightly capture into her room, Aharae could feel the very sun rise. As it did, she wanted so badly to be free of the cell-of the room that was her nocturnal prison. Who was injured, what had happened? Was it even safe? All these thoughts ran through her mind as she leaped from her bed in her sleeping dress. Nothing more then a white linen skirt with a thin sleeved top half. Her hands flew to the handle, but it did not give. With an explosion of frustration she collapsed sobbing against the wood of the door. It was not screaming, but loud grief filled moans. Her entire body shook with them. She had not made such sounds since the day Malleus had cruelly divulged that she had killed her own mother.
That was not entirely true, her birth had caused her mother to become infected. The sound she made could bring men to their knees, and had done so to Ceston and Isolde. This was different, she was nearly wailing for freedom from the room. After hours of this, she became exhausted and fell asleep against the door. She lay, crumpled on the floor with her hair in strict spiral curls, spilling onto the floor. When she stirred the next day, early morning again, she stood and wondered why she had slept on the floor. The memory came back and struck her so violently that her knees went weak and she found herself on the floor. her stomach pained her as she had not eaten, and her mind was spinning.
Both her hands went to her ears, and she let out an ear splitting scream. She did not stop until she had no more breath, and she coughed and gasped as she finished. Shaking and staggering she walked over to her bed and pulled a concealed blade from under it. Aharae went back tot he door and began to dig at the wood around the frame. Slowly, as if in a trance she dug away where the lock held the door closed. Soon, the door creaked and she threw the blade aside, the metal scraping against the floor.
She placed her hot hands on the cold floor and stood, then ran full force throwing herself against the door. A dry crack sounded through the room and she sobbed as she stood and again backed away then threw herself against the door. She crumpled to her knees as the door swung open, creaking at the hinges. Aharae smelled the metallic scent and crawled over to the first of her brothers that lay eyes open on the stone floor. Pale as stone, her hands grabbed at the fabric of his tunic, shaking him. His body was stiff and immobile.
In a numbness, she stood and walked around to the front of the house. There, a few feet from each other lay Emile and Malleus' bodies, cold and stiff. She walked back inside after confirming their death, then she looked into one of the two rooms the brothers slept in. Cestom, Morgaine, and Isolde all dead. She walked, seemingly dazed and numb to the other room. She nearly tripped over Sankh's body as it lay on arm outstretched towards the garden. Aharae looked in the room and found it devoid of her eldest brother.
The garden, was solemn in the morning light as it had never been before. Aharae walked in her sleeping dress outside, and kneeled in front of the slumped form of Belirain. She slipped a strong arm under his arm and around his back, pulling him to her chest. His blood soaked tunic stained her chest and skin. A horrific and sorrow full scream erupted from somewhere deep inside her. Belirain's eyes bolted open then slid down as if he were dreaming. He twitched and she jumped from his movement. She loosened her grip on him and looked into his eyes and spoke slow and clear.
"Brother," she paused to keep from sobbing,"...what is this horror"
His eyes widened as he realized she was alive,"The monsters by night."