I'm ready...to try anything that might kill me
Looking...for a way out to a sunny day
The dark is playing tricks on my mind
I know I'm looking for something I will never find
Anything will do now; I'm ready to step past the line
Ready to break the edge and tear at the seams
Looking to push right through to the light within
I'm opening...a door that leads far away
A place...not like this age and day
Somewhere with less chaos and hate
A world that within which I can create
Something to bring the light within

I'm walking past the stony ridge
Ignoring the sign that warns passing...
Through this way may very end you faster
Than any Earthly natural disaster

But however that's one thing I can promise ya
Nothing can break my solid willI'm braving the dark halls and stone walls
Led by a sixth sense, fear and I willSurvive on my need to, kill
Everything, destroy things on my path to discovery
Walking across ground made of ivory
I enter without a single form of artillery

An old man wanders, begging for change
Any coins would bar for exchange for passage...
Across this lake of fire
Past the twisted desires
To end it now, once and for all
Anything to do it but I hear them call

My feet move faster than I ever could
Completely ignoring the woman of wood like I rightly should
A desire to sit and rest, I warned ya
The beating in my chest is a gong at best
Yet I'll force myself to beat this test

An icy chill comes over me
The fire has died, the Earth is dry
The thing I was looking for I finally find
The demon that holds the light within

Calling heed to his dark forces
I raise my hands in attempt to coerce...
This beast to a state of peace
I give up to him the best I can offer
Relics I stole from ancient coffers
I confess, there could have been more (many more)
But mortals aren't meant for,
Bargaining with demons of another place in time,
Maybe I really have crossed the line
But I look up when he gives the sign
An offer to the light within

Something of value, nothing of gold
Something you hold closely like in the cold
Nothing he could want but your soul
Because that'd stop me from reaching my goal

A spirit trapped in the world beyond
Over time you'd think it was gone
Unlike water they do not evaporate
Unlike lives they will not dissipate
So clearly my head was before here
Now it's locked in a battle where,
Life versus life is just a battle to death
When this could all just be a test
So sure of my answers, that I won't fail
I raise my voice and yell to hail

A decline of the offer, a challenge instead
Beast me in a match of lead,
Steel and bone, whatever weapon is born,
Dangerous, it could be, in the right hands
Something forged just to kill you
Wasting time playing cautious
I should of used my subconscious
Guiding me down the path in life I'd never take
A test of will against the will I break
To recover something worse than hate
A thing that can cause men to shake
We're knocking down the gate
We'll stand here with our mouths agape

Because love...isn't rape.