Writing a Good Story

To be able to create a good work of writing, particularly a good story, takes lots of hard work and dedication. Having the right tools, a good idea and a good editor are a few other key things to have. I'd list more here, but I don't have the time.

Your most important tools are, of course, something to write with. Many people use your normal #2 pencil and your typical pad of lined paper, but I do know some people who prefer using a pen. More and more of the general population these days love using computers, with the automatic spellchecker, etc., though you may still be able to find your good old-fashioned typewriter (miraculously still in working order) and the right paper to use with it. Once you have something to write your story on, be it a computer or napkins from the restaurant where you had dinner, you might start to think that the rest is easy. Oh, how wrong that thinking is! I know from personal experience that no matter how modern your computer might be, if you have no good ideas, you have nowhere to go.

"An idea for a story?" you think, "How hard can that be?" Very. You can't just think of something random, like a family of vegetables who go out to see a horror film, without first thinking about your audience and what you want to convey to them. Are you trying to say that vegetables really watch movies? Or that people who go to see horror films are akin to vegetables? When trying to come up with a good plot that 1) keeps the reader entertained and interested, 2) has characters that the reader can relate to, and 3) has a believable setting, you have to always keep in mind who you're writing to and what you want them to gain by the time they're done reading your story.

A key thing that you have to understand before you even start to think about writing, is this: your ideas that you so carefully plan out at the beginning of the story have a strong chance of changing drastically by the end, sometimes to the point of being the exact opposite of what you had originally intended. But, as long as you stick with it and will yourself to continue, despite all the cruel plot twists that your mind may come up with, you'll most likely still come up with a good story, even if doesn't end exactly the way you thought it would.

Another important factor that helps greatly when writing, or trying to write, a story is a good editor. A good editor isn't necessarily the most expensive, and just because they charge you a ton, it doesn't mean they're even any good. A truly good editor is someone who is willing to go through your work to help you to improve your story, your skills, and help to make your work more publishing-worthy. More than half the time I use my mom. She's no professional, but hey, she works for free and she actually wants to help!

Now I'm going to follow my own advice. If you gain nothing else from this essay, remember this: With the right tools and ideas and enough willpower, you can go a lot farther than you might think. Never give up, you're better than that.