Hold Me

by, Cassandra

I just want someone to hold me.

I want to feel comfortable in someone's arms. I want to be able to lose myself and all my thoughts in the warmth of a (caring, loving, knowing, never-let-me-go) embrace. I need someone not to be afraid to walk up to me and wrap me in their arms. I need someone who sees past the scars of the past, and the masks of the present, and the tears for the future, and just hold me.

I need someone to hold on to me.

Because there are days when I feel like I'm slipping away. I'm shedding who I've been to become who I'm going to be, but the person I need to be isn't where she's supposed to be. I'm standing here, stripped raw and bleed all my fears. And I can't bring myself to be ashamed, but I'm slipping away. The winds of change are coming, and I need someone to hold on to me, so I don't disappear.

(god, don't let me be forgotten.)