by, Cassandra

"Just ask the question you want the answer to"
"Just ask for the help you need to make it through"
"Just ask for the strength to stand and fight"
"Just ask for what you want, for once."

Just ask. Just speak. Just move. Just breathe.
You make it sound so easy… too easy.

(I want to move. I want to shake. I want to break.)
I want you to pick up all my shattered pieces,
And make me into a masterpiece.

"Let's break through this fear of being alone"
"Let's shake this fear of standing still"
"Let's move past this fear life and death"
"Let's rewind, restart, rebuild."

Let's move. Let's break. Let's shake.
Let's begin again. Let's start anew.

(I want to dance. I want to feel. I want to fly.)
I want you to lead me where you need me.
I want you to need me where you lead me.

Move me.
Shake me.
Break me.
Remake me.

I want to be your masterpiece.