I was afraid
When you were gone
I didn't know what to do
I thought I was alone

But now I see it
They are there again
I got friends beside me
Here til the end

They picked me up
Out of my pool of sorrow
They gave me faith in the day
They gave me will for tomorrow

I am still a lucky man
I am having a blast with my new life
So I guess I don't need you
I will find my lucky wife

I will give her the world
I will give her my heart
This one won't be a liar
She won't break me from the start

I blamed myself for the longest time
But it was you who wouldn't take my love
So stick it up your ass
The pain you caused I will rise above

I hope you enjoy
Your life built on lies
I know one day
It will be tears streaming from your eyes

You will regret what you've done
Especially the way you did it
You started it all
And just proved you were a piece of shit

I will always love you
But I will let you go
You aren't worth time wasting
The real you I will always know

So goodbye baby
It wasn't all that bad
But now that you cheated again
I am really not that sad

He couldn't stop you
From coming down here
You opened up for me
As you did for all those years

Now I haven't heard from you
All I have to say is fine
You got what you wanted
Now it's time for me to get mine