Dawn Beaumont's Guide to Changing the World



I guess I should be happy that Mum and Dad moved us to a different state and not a different country, I mean, God forbid we end up in America. I'm sure the most population is all hunky dory, but honestly, it is a fact that 1/5 of America's population can not locate their own country on a map. Seriously.

So, you would be thinking I am missing my friends? No, I'm not. I don't have any. Back at my old school? Rich Bitch Central. Ok, so the RBC doesn't even stand for that, but that's basically what it was. You were either a celebrity or just happened to be loaded, read: You have to be one Rich Bitch.

But when I left the beautiful Sunshine Coast to go live in some town which nobody even knows the name of-except for the people in the town-I got the shock of my life. There is not much that fazes me, honestly. My old school taught me the one thing in life that I would never forget, i.e. the human population, in general, sucks ass.

So when I arrived at my new town I was in for a major shocker, because when we arrived all these neighbours bombarded us with batches of cookies, brownies and well...I could go on. I was freaked. I totally went out into the kitchen and went "Mum, are you really going to eat that? Don't. I mean, who knows what they put in them."

But she just laughed at me and took a bite out of the cookie. Honest to God, I am generally a very calm girl. But the only people that have ever, and I mean ever, come up to our door with cookies are those little girl scouts and they are forced to do that.

I know they are forced because I was one of them at one time, but I got kicked out because of creative differences. I was sarcastic, they were not. I thought tying knots was stupid, they did not. I thought putting chilli powder into the biscuits was a very good idea, they did not. We were not going to get along. At all.

God forbid she eat some cookies that were made by people alike myself, I swear, I cannot help it.

But I was even more freaked when I shrugged my shoulders and went to return to my room and somebody was sitting on top of my desk. Some very hot red headed-or strawberry blonde headed, whatever-guy who was reading one of my books. Huh.

"What," I said "Are you doing in my room?"

This is when it all started, my change the world plot and all, well not so much the world as the life of SRG, Soda Regional College. Because that Red-Head was no normal kid, as I was soon to find out.

"How the hell can you see me?" The guy stammered, jumping up from my desk and pointing a finger at me.

Note 1 when Changing the World: Make sure to tell people that it is rude to point.


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Note: Don't worry; I don't think Americans are dumb. I mean, 4/5 is still most of the population. I have American friends too, who are very smart.

Oh and, this is the story I shall be focusing on as my main after Trouble.