The vampire took Connor through the house and into the back yard. There he put a chain around the werewolf before attaching him to the pole.

"Don't go anywhere." The vamp said before he walked away.

Connor sighed and slid down the pole. Of course he would not go anywhere; he was chained to a pole. Even if he could run, where would he go? It was clear this was the heart of vampire territory and just beyond that was the land of an unfamiliar pack. From the scents and the size, it was a he had no intention of tangling with.

He ran a hand through his hair in thought. Chances were he was not going to make it out alive. It would be the last time he felt his hand go through his wild hair, the last time he watched his muscled move under his skin when he clenched his fist. It was probably the last time he would smell blood that was not his own.

Copper eyes looked to the sky. The stars and the night comforted him. The barely waning moon still sang its song through his veins. He closed his eyes as he allowed the music of a peaceful night take over his senses. If there was a night to die, it would be this one.

The werewolf opened his eyes, facing the house where a dozen vampires stood. At their edge Megan stood, looking at him. His heart sank. He could tell she would never be the same, it was clear her soul had been completely taken from her.

One of the vampires stepped forward. It was a woman whose lithe body was just as dangerous as the long, elegant knives in her hands. She quirked a fanged smile at him when he looked at her.

"I am the assassin of this coven. Werewolf, are you ready?"

A growl was all the response she got.

Her smile grew and she nodded towards the vampire that had led Connor to the pole. He quickly unhooked the chain, freeing the wolf.

In that one action, the feeing around the yard changed. No more did the vampires smirk at the beast and no longer did the night song sing under Connor's fur. Now, only the drums of battle beat in his blood.

The wolf crouched, his deadly eyes glued to his foe. He knew the she vampire was stronger, faster, and older. But he also knew the knives in her hands here stainless steal. Her weapon of choice was deadly only if she took off his head.

"Come on little puppy." She crooned. "Come and get me."

He did not make a sound as he dug the nails of his paws into the dirt, launching himself forward. They both knew the first lunge was simply to get things started; he did not even open his eyes as he flew at the living corpse.

In response to his nothing attack, the vampire slammed her fist into his shoulder. The force of the blow knocked him back. Using his will and subtle movements of his body, he allowed himself to fly further than even a normal wolf would have gone. As his body settled to the ground he closed his eyes and slowed his breathing. Thoughts of death and practiced self control kept his body motionless.

The she-vamp prowled near her kin with a snarl painted on her lovely face. Agitation seeped from her in pungent waves.

"That won't work werewolf. No one has patience like a vampire." She hissed.

What could have been an eternity passed in a few moments, moments of silence broken by the steady beating of Connor's still living heart in the vampires' ears.

"Get up!" Came her howling cry when at last her control broke. Reckless, she lunched herself at the motionless wolf.

Megan turned away from the sound of their bodies colliding together. She did not have to look to know that the snarls from Connor meant the vampire was overpowering him. Nor did she need see to know that the vampire underestimated Connor, it was clear in the frustrated hisses the vampire was struggling. When she did look back, she saw that the side of Connor's muzzle had been cut but so had the vampire's shoulder. Now Connor was upright, keeping himself halfway between wolf and man. One look in his eyes, she knew for a fact Connor was not there. It seemed, she mused to herself as the warriors snarled at each other, that both she and her lifetime companion had truly come to themselves this night. The sound of battle brought her back to what was at hand, which was indeed a sight to see.

The vampire assassin had leapt again at Connor, her hand back, ready to swipe at him with her blade. Reflexively, the werewolf snapped his jaws to the side he saw the attack coming from. The resulting sound was like two broadswords coming down together as one on a metal pole as his fangs closed on blade. Her scream of frustration was echoed only by his whines of effort. Her other blade shot forward, slicing into his shoulder. Pain made him clamp down with his jaws and wrench his head up to howl with pain. The action tore the weapon from the vampire's hand. With a snarl of pained rage, Connor removed the knife from his jaw and shattered it in his paws. How he turned to the assassin, blood dripping from his mouth and body, fury pouring from his gaze.

Smirking, the vampire studied him. "Why look, you could almost be one of us with that on your face." Her face turned sickening, "Don't you want to be one with your little Megan there?"

The werewolf did not even look at Megan; he simply threw himself at his foe. She hissed and brought her weapon up, ready. But he ducked and slammed himself into her legs, forcing her down. With no hesitation at all, he leapt onto her and started to mindlessly dig into her with every natural weapon he had.

For the first time in her death, the assassin let out a sound of strangled fear. She had never fought a foe who knew how to kill her. Werewolves tended to go for the throat and hang on. This one apparently knew that if he did as much damage as he possibly could, he would eventually rip out her heart. Blinded by fear, she slashed with her weapon and her nails. So desperately was she flailing, that Connor was forced to jump off her, or risk losing his eyes, an injury that would never heal.

"Damn you wolf." She hissed, though her wounds were already healing. "Damn you to hell.

His response was obvious in his canine smirk.

Her fear had unlocked the vampire's primal need to survive, causing her to loose a bit of her elegant and showy attacks. Now she just wanted to kill this creature. She moved forward, going low to plunge her blade up into him.

The werewolf saw it coming and rolled to the side, letting her momentum send her past him. Swiftly, he came up behind her and pressed her face forward against a tree. He knew she would not be able to attack him; arms simply couldn't bend in anyway to be helpful. So he took his time, caught his breath, and pressed his bloody nose against her neck, enjoying the scent of her fear. The power it gave him was insane. To know the creature that he had been raised to fear, was terrified of him made him feel like the being he knew he was. But, he still had the control to be who he wanted to be.

"End this now, and we both will live." He whispered to her after he changed his jaws back.

Shakily, she pressed herself against him. "You have a sexy voice werewolf. I will love cutting it out of you."

She flailed against him and he grimly let her shove him aside and free herself from the tree.

"You have one more chance." He said softly, already changing himself back into a canine form.

As a response, the vampire lunged, her blade thrown forward. It was all too easy for Connor to step to the side and let her fall past. He refused to take advantage of her anger, though the scent of it made his heart race with excitement. The vampire took a breath to steady herself before turning back to the wolf. For a moment, they froze, all of the sudden knowing that they were a match for each other.

The werewolf sighed and the vampire attacked. In a second the yard was filled with grunts snarls and hisses. Again, Megan had to turn her face away, knowing that each whimper or cry brought more sweet blood to the already dampened grass. She was confused as to why she did not feel sorry every time she could sense more werewolf blood flavor the air with its scent. Why she did not feel the pain every time her guardian was stabbed. When she looked back, breath caught in her throat and rage blinded her. On the ground, the assassin was straddling Connor, her blade pressed to his throat and her face hissing into his. The feral wolf face had twisted itself into a passionate snarl as he tried to push the blade from his ruff. His body flailed with desperation but the vampire still pinned him, turning the scene into a bloody, demonic picture from hell.

Megan hissed and stepped forward. Connor was hers and he always would be. The restraining hand that fell on her meant nothing. She was going to show that bitch vamp who would be the one to hold Connor down to a surface like that.

"Megan, you cannot step in." One of the older vampires whispered to her.

"But he is mine." She hissed.

The vampire smiled slightly. "If he lives, he will be yours."

A smirk grew on her face and she looked back at the battle, watching as her possession bled and struggled for his life.

The assassin was so focused on her kill that finally one of Connor's massive paws connected with her head. As she went flying off his body, he jumped to his feet and rushed to meet her as she fell back to the ground. Holding her body down with one foot, he grabbed the blade and flung it into the trees.

She looked him in the face and hissed.

As he shifted to a normal wolf, he opened his mouth in a bloody, smiling, snarl.

They circled each other briefly before flying at each other.

Digging into the dirt, the werewolf launched himself into the air, his mouth closing in around the vamp's throat. Momentum brought her down on him and the second he hit the dirt he tightened his jaws and began digging with every claw he had. He even violently shook his head, just to make sure he caused the most damage he possibly could to the creature in his grasp.

Screams filled the night air as the vampire writhed in the bloody mess that fell from her body. When silence finally descended on them, Connor was human and covered in a layer of dust plastered by gore.

He looked up at the family of vampires, his chest heaving and blood pouring from holes all over his flesh.

"May I go now?" He asked.

The vampire who had stopped Megan smiled at him. "No, you may not. She was our assassin, our champion, and our guardian. It is custom, amongst vampires, that if one kills a family's champion, the killer takes the open space."

Connor's lip curled. "I am no vampire."

"You have no choice."

"Yes, I do."

"No, puppy you don't." He stepped forward. "You have no place to go, no pack to keep you company." A hand was waved at Megan. "We have the only companion you've ever known. Not to mention you smell of vampire, making you unwelcome in every existing werewolf pack."

"I disagree."

Everyone's attention snapped to the speaker, and Megan hissed in distaste.

Alya stood at the edge of the forest with a multitude of wolves ranging around her. She had clearly just changed to her human form and a gentle look of triumph gleamed in her eyes. Behind her, an older man stepped forward and placed his hand on her bare shoulder.

Jealousy prickled in Connor, but he lowered his gaze and turned away from the Alpha and Alya.

"Do you Alya?" The vampire purred.


"We made a deal." The Alpha said pointedly.

The vampire's face faltered. "We did."

Now a shiver of excitement rushed through the wolves and they trotted forward to ring themselves lazily around Connor. The Alpha stepped forward as Alya slowly moved to stand beside Connor, putting her hand around his waist to help support him.

"We made a deal. My pack would protect your land, protect your family, fight who you wished, in return for territory to live on, an ally against our own rivals, and that you would not hold a werewolf as a slave… or a pet… as long as we resided here."

"I see." The vampire said, glancing at Megan. "Well…"

The rest of his words trailed away into nothing in Connor's mind as Alya ran one of her soft hands through his hair, soiling it with blood.

"Is it true?" He asked, daring not to wish.

She smiled at him and kissed him gently. With a glance over at the Alpha, her smile grew. "Yes Connor, it is true."

Somewhere away from them, Megan screamed in outrage and stormed off while the wolves around him chuckled softly.

Stepping towards the trees, Alya held her hand out to him. "You belong again, you have a pack again. Come into forever with me."

His body weakened in disbelief, yet strengthened with desire, Connor stepped forward, and followed her into the moonlit forest, leaving his past behind him.