Anneke loosened her scarf. Her Jungmadel uniform was certainly not made for comfort. Or style, she mused, as she inspected her navy-garbed self. She wouldn't even go to these meetings if she didn't think she would be reported. She was already under suspicion since her parents' arrest a few months ago. They had both been taken into custody after speaking out against Hitler at the university where they both taught. When the Gestapo came for her parents, it had been her acting and her Jungmadel uniform that had saved her. Now, at sixteen, Anneke lived alone in her family's farm house, since she had no family living nearby. All but she and her parents had gone to America at the advent of Hitler's administration.

She pushed a stray hair back with the rest of her braids, then walked out the door towards the school, where the meeting was to be. Anneke walked into the meeting room about a half-hour later and sat down silently. At the front of the room, Natalia, their leader, sat tittering with the other girls close to her age. She was showing off the flashy diamond ring she wore. Anton, the leader of their local Hitler Jugend, had proposed to her only a week before. Anneke had to admit they made the perfect couple: Aryan poster children, both of them. More than once Natalia's perfect blue eyes had looked on Anneke's dark hair and brown eyes with scorn. Anneke's heritage was pure German; this was indisputable, but Natalia loved to insinuate that perhaps she was a half-Jewess.

Anneke couldn't care either way, but she didn't need any more suspicion cast on her. Not to mention that Natalia had stolen Anton from her in the first place. Anneke had a long-time crush on Anton, and had hoped that perhaps, now that she was older, he would see her as a young woman, not a little girl. His engagement had crushed her hopes and given her one more reason to hate Natalia.

Natalia finally pulled herself away from her friends and called the meeting to order. "Okay girls, our first order of business: Another of those Jewish vermin escaped from his work detail. Here is a picture and some basic information." Two of Natalia's lackeys passed out fliers, and Anneke looked down as they handed her one. Natalia went on, but Anneke was engrossed in the flier. They had been given many such as this, and she had never paid them much attention, but for some reason the picture caught her eye. It was of a handsome young man, probably not even out of his teens. He had short dark brown hair, and intelligent light-blue eyes. She cursed her boy-craziness; failing for a Jew could get her killed, but still she read on. His name was Nikolai Elias Rosenberg, formerly of Berlin, eighteen years old.

Her attention came back to the meeting when she heard all the others stand to salute. She quickly joined them as they sang, then hurried out the door as soon as they were dismissed.