Short little piece that I wrote on a whim. The characters are from England, by the way.

Edited because I didn't make something clear enough (thanks for pointing it out to me, Falling-Sakura!)

A Year Just Isn't Enough

It's a year today that I met you. I remember that because I was sitting on a bench in the mall, people watching, and you saw me and asked what I was doing. And when I told you, you didn't laugh like I thought you would. You said that it was cool. And that's when we became friends.

And I fell in love with our friendship because nobody had ever seen me as anything more than the odd girl who never says anything, and you did. And I learned to trust you while you learned to trust me. We shared secrets and inside jokes, like about the time you ate too much pie and… Well, you remember. Every now and then we would joke about how you couldn't hold your pie.

You made me feel like I could be more than a people watcher or a student of human behavior. You made me feel like an actual person.

There was the time when my house burned down because there were some dodgy wires. And the first person I came to was you, because you would understand why I cried over lost picture books and photo albums and my stuffed animals.

There was the time when your girlfriend left you, and you didn't talk to anyone. Except for me, that is. I understood why you were so heartbroken over someone who treated you as just a passing fancy. You loved her.

I remember the time we skived out of school together, and we walked to a little café down the street from your house, and we shot spitballs at the waiter, who disliked us greatly. Then my mum saw us and we were barred from going outside of our houses (except for school, of course).

I remember the dance at school, when neither of us had dates, so we spent the whole night making fun of the couples out on the dance floor. Not once did either of us think that someday we could be one of those couples, because we never could be. And both of us were fine with that, because we were best friends, and that meant so much more than just passing fancies.

But life isn't a fairy tale, and that's why you're gone now.

You left last week. You're going to London. I don't care. It might sound selfish, but I want you to come back.

I'm not ready for you to leave. You're my best friend- the only friend I've ever had. And now you're leaving and my heart is breaking because I'm losing my friend.

I miss you.

I need you.

I love you.

I hope I made it clearer that the characters' relationship was strictly platonic, even with that last sentence (it's agape love).