What is this flesh that surrounds me?
Why do I feel so much doubt in my heart?
It's like I regret everything now
More and ore I think of it
Just brings more misunderstand to my thoughts.

The rain is crashing down now
With more fury and hate then ever before.
The rain is like my insides
Falling at my feet
Washing my sol to reveal who I really am.

My sins and tears expose me.
I hate myself for being weak
And suffering yet again from this pain.
Yet I don't try and stop it
I accept the weakness that grips me.

Even now I turn to thee.
I turn to the One that is all knowing.
He and He alone can save me
Like the rain He can wash me
But He will not save for I have cursed Him far too much.
I am no longer in His grace.

I must stand tall and walk on.
For I am too young to die.
But with this rain it's a hard journey
And when the sun finally comes out of hiding
The pain will stop and I will be saved