My Happy-Go-Freaky Girl

So I heard he broke your heart today
And I don't know what to say
Except that everything's gonna be OK

I've wanted to hold you for so long
And now that everything is wrong
I want to tell you to be strong

My happy-go-freaky girl
Please hold onto hope

I never wanted to see you cry
So wipe those tears from your eyes
Cuz heartbreak doesn't have to mean goodbye

I remember your smile, your laughter
Now it's gone, but I promise after
Today, your heart won't be so shattered

My happy-go-freaky girl
Please laugh again

I'm sorry that I never said
These thoughts that spin inside my head
That I loved you since we met
I loved you since the day we met…

My happy-go-freaky girl
Please don't lose your faith

My happy-go-freaky girl
Please don't change

My happy-go-freaky girl
Please don't cry today

My happy-go-freaky girl
Everything will be OK

This is about my character Fiona from Fine Line about something that has not yet come to pass (hehe, Galadriel). At least, at this point in time. It's a pretty self-explanatory piece, but I'm not too worried about the spoiler factor. :)

So drive safely, tip your waiter, and chat later.