The Knight and His Flyswatter

No knights in shining armour!

Nor gallant steeds at his heels!

No princesses to rescue –

Our hero struck a different deal.


Our knight and his flyswatter

Made the greatest pair of all

They travelled over countries

Fighting all flies, great and small.


Summer was their season

As the flies came out to play

With only a few wild flails

There the flies' bodies lay.


The knight and his flyswatter

Showed no mercy to any fly

If they saw one, you could say

To the poor creature: 'good bye!'


One day, they were swatting flies

As they usually did

However, this time, tables turned;

More flies came than expected.


A war raged between the flies

And our gallant knight

His flyswatter loyally lashed out

Beginning a major fight.


Although he was scared, our brave knight

With his flyswatter he swept

Across the sea of many flies

Amongst his foes, no lives were kept.


The news reached the ears of the King

And the many victims of flies

They cheered when the knight returned

And worshipped him till he died.


The whole world knows about the flies;

Those creatures of the purest evil.

But are flies really the pests they seem

Or are they just trying to live?