Funny how easy it is for people to believe in God, or Gods, but not in each other, never in the simple goodness of humans, instead we believe in "human nature," which claims that people are lying, cheating, war hungry thieves who will do anything to get ahead, but I don't believe it, I refuse, and I don't believe God is looking over me, I don't believe God will solve our problems, I think we can solve them ourselves, I think we can come together and make things happen, and we can love, we are capable of incredible acts of compassion, we can take care of each other, we can undo our own mess, we have the choice, we can choose to create instead of destroy, to love instead of hate, we choose, we are not confined to a specific model of human nature that paints us all as villains, that's not what I'm about and you don't need to be about that either, there is another way, I believe it, maybe for no reason at all, maybe there is no evidence, maybe that feeling in my bones isn't enough to convince you, but I wish it could, I wish you had that feeling too, I wish you would realize our potential and say "we can" instead of "we can't," because we can do so much better, we can fix this world, we can take care of each other, nobody in this world needs to starve, nobody needs to be murdered, there doesn't need to be war, we aren't savages, we are so much more than that, please believe with me