She will try
To say goodbye
Protect herself
She will be fine

You will see
The flawless smile
And you'll believe
For a little while

There she stands
In front of you
Look deep inside
Find out the truth

Cause in her eyes
No room for lies
Her soul is there
But she won't share

She will cry
And she will bleed
But she can hide
So you won't see

She will try
To say goodbye
And tell herself
She will be fine

You ask her why
And she replies
With empty words
And hollow lies

And you believe
Cause you're too scared
You see her form
But her soul's not there

She can deny
Can hide the scars
But in her eyes
You'll see the signs

Don't runaway
You are afraid
But can't you see
That so is she?

She doesn't talk
Inside, she screams
In her poems
In her dreams

For you to try
Don't say goodbye
And let her know
She will be fine.

September 30th, 2007.