I Just Want

I just want to vanish

Disappear in thin air

And I idly wonder

If you'd even care

Would you even miss me?

Look for me at all?

Would you even notice?

Or would I simply fall?

And fall and fall from grace

Screaming in the wind

Would you even catch me?

Or would you simply grin?

I'm standing here bleeding

Why don't you even notice?

I'm standing here bleeding

With no offer of solace

Blood falls from my mouth

The words a garbled flow

And the redness spreads

In a trickle, real slow

But you stand there and stare

It arrows straight through me

As though I'm invisible

A ghost you can't see

Even when I'm covered in blood

Standing in the puddles and pools

You still don't see me

Am I the greatest of fools?

I just want you to see me

To know I'm there

And I just want to crawl away

And act like I don't care

A/N: Sort of confusing. Hope all of you could keep up with that. Like all my poetry, it twisted and turned with a living, breathing excitement of its own. The first two lines are what I was truly feeling at the time, but the rest...well, it just sort of evolved from the first two lines.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed that!

Luv ya,
Tashi :)