Lord You know what I have done

You have seen my treacheries

God, you have beheld my wicked ways

Though they did not seem wicked to me.

God, I only ask for your forgiveness,

From my indescribable shame.

And to release me from this bond

That keeps me forever chained.

Lord, I know that You love me

And that You look down upon me with merciful eyes.

Yet here I am,

Disgracing Your name,

And covering it with blood and guilt.

Lord, I see my hands now,

And I see through spiritual eyes.

My hands are not at all clean,

But covered with dark, scarlet blood.

God I ask for your forgiveness

And bless me forever more.

And give me strength to overcome,

All that is set against me.

Lord I ask for faith,

I ask for peace,

I ask for forgiveness for this deed.

Lord lift me up with Your hand,

And help me deny this temptation,

Lest it come again.